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The Big Apple (Pie, that is)!


The Big Apple - Colborne, Ontario
A little while ago I went on a mini-road trip to Kingston, and one of my friend’s asked me (okay, she practically threatened me) if I could stop at this place called The Big Apple on the way and pick her up some apple pies. I’m thinking, what’s so special about this particular apple pie that you’re telling me to veer off the highway and make sure I get you a couple boxes when I get back to Toronto?

The Big Apple - Colborne, Ontario - Petting ZooBoy, did I sure I find out when I tasted a juicy morsel. These pies were delicious!

The Big Apple is easy to see off the 401. About 1 1/2 hours from Toronto, there’s a giant apple that can be seen from the highway once you reach the city of Colborne and a short drive to the front doors from there. There’s a small petting zoo outside the grounds (including ducks, llamas and goats) and even a mini-putt golf course.

When you get inside the restaurant, you go through a couple of turnstiles and greeted with a large menu sign that lists all the pies available. The kitchen is also right there, so you canThe Big Apple - Colborne, Ontario view the bakers making the pies. Once baked, the pies are put into colourful boxes and rested on the counter for customers to choose from. They go for a whopping $10 each, but it’s so worth it. Took me about a week to polish one off… that pie was huge.

There’s also non-apple things on the menu, such as fries, burgers and hot dogs. And of course they have candied apples. The only thing I still don’t understand which my friend had warned me about was their reluctance to provide forks to people who purchase whole pies. When my mom had ask for a fork the cashier had said that they were only for people who buy slices to eat in the restaurant. They’d probably make more money selling forks for 0.25¢ than by losing business of people who’d opt to buy a slice over a whole pie just to get a fork. I had to wait until I got home to eat my wonderful-smelling pie, but it was well worth the wait.Mumble Crumble Apple Pie from The Big Apple - Colborne, Ontario

There were about 20 different types of flavoured apple pies to choose from. I purchased Apple-Maple (my favourite out of the two I got) and a Mumble Crumble. Others I was tempted to get were Apple-Strawberry and the Caramel Apple pies (next time!).

So if you’re in the GTA and planning a road trip east to somewhere like Ottawa or Montreal via the 401, make sure you make a stop at The Big Apple in Colborne, Ontario.

Who said dinosaurs were extinct?!


Here’s a video with footage of a “live” dinosaur roaming around loose in the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles. Freaked me out for a millisecond when I first started watching it:

When I first watched it I was thinking, wow… that’s some really good CGI, and those kids are damn good actors. Then I watched it again and noticed the guys legs sticking out of the dinosaur costume. Silly me. :D All the movements looked so realistic (not that we know 100% how dinosaurs moved since humans never existed at the same time as them, but you know what I mean…). They should have something like this at the ROM… then maybe I’ll make a trek down there.

I got to meet Nelly today… made sure not to step on his J’z


NellyOne of the perks of my job is that every once in a while I get to interview different artists for promotional purposes (last month I got to interview R&B singer, Ne-Yo). Today at the tranquil Cosmopolitan Hotel I got to ask Mr. Country Grammar himself, Nelly, 10 questions on behalf of one of our third party partners.

Nelly’s one friendly guy… very personable. He walked in the room with a huge entourage, and shook hands and hugged those of us who were already in the room (including a “how you doin’, beautiful” to me *blush* ). I’m happy he didn’t didn’t seemed irked at all that we had to interview him before he got a chance to eat (hope his take-out didn’t get too cold!). He answered the questions with a lot of depth, including thoughts on his new album Brass Knuckles, his collaborations, and even his desire to play for the St. Louis Cardinals if he had the choice.

I’ve always found Nelly’s tracks fun, catchy and perfect for any party. I love how he collaborates with different artists (Ron Isley, Christina Aguilera for example) and genres to create hit tracks such as “Over and Over” (with Tim McGraw), “Dilemma” (with Kelly Rowland). Now I don’t know how I didn’t notice this before, but dayyyum he sure is looking deezed! I shook his hand goodbye after the interview and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was getting hot in therre. :D

I’ll try to post the link to the transcript of the interview once it’s publicized! Check out Nelly’s official site herre.

An IKEA Store in Downtown Toronto?!


When I orignally heard about this news about the IKEA having a store at the corner of King and Church I was wondering how they were going to establish an IKEA store in the middle of Toronto’s design district.  I mean, treking to any IKEA location in the GTA, such as the one in Vaughan or on Leslie Street is a circus in itself… finding a good parking spot and manouvering through the aisles can be quite the experience.

Turns out it’s not going to be a full IKEA store, but only a showroom that will feature a selection of new products from their 2009 catalogue.

In celebration of the launch of the 2009 Catalogue we are opening a showroom at 143 King Street East. The showroom will feature a selection of our new products that will be found in the new Catalogue. The showroom will be open July 31 – August 3, 2008.

That seems like an awful lot of work for only four days.  Then again, it IS IKEA.  Oh, well… looks like $2 breakfasts and $1 pasta will have to stay in the boonies.

Kitchen Stuff Plus – July Sidewalk Sale!


I loooove kitchen gadgets.  That’s why I make it a mission to visit Kitchen Stuff Plus’ sidewalk sales at least once a year.  If you’re looking for new dinnerware, glassware, bathroom accessories, kitchen utensils, candles, photo frames, or any other houseware, make sure to stop by the Orfus Rd. outlet location of Kitchen Stuff Plus.  You’re guaranteed to get a great deal on something (even if you don’t need it :P ).  The sale starts today at 10am and finishes at 3pm.  Here’s the link with more info.