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ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche Toronto


ScotiaBank Nuit BlancheFor one sleepless night, experience Toronto transformed by artists. Discover art in galleries, museums and unexpected places. From alleyways and demolition sites to churches and squash courts, explore more than 195 destinations. One night only. All night long.

From sunset at 7:03 pm on Saturday, September 29, to sunrise at 7:14 am on Sunday, September 30, 2007, Toronto will be bustling with activity as thousands experience a full night of contemporary art and performance in three zones across the city.

After a stunning and triumphant launch in September 2006, the widespread appeal for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche to return in 2007 was overwhelming. On May 10, 2007, Toronto Mayor David Miller officially announced that Scotiabank Nuit Blanche had become an annual signature event for the City of Toronto, and he invited everyone to rediscover Toronto through this free, all-night celebration of contemporary art.

Visit the official ScotiaBank Nuit Blache site for details. Don’t forget to read their Survival Guide before heading out tonight.

Ugly Betty Season 2 Premiere


*spoiler warning*

Dammit… just as I was about to give the writers of Ugly Betty kudos for such a good season premiere, they had to ruin it with the revelation of a dream sequence!

If you remember from last season’s finale, Santos (Hilda’s fiancé) was a victim in a convenience store robbery. That show ended with Betty informing Hilda of the news at her son’s school play, and her breaking down in her arms.

Now that left us thinking is he dead?, is he just injured? Why is Justin talking about missing his grandpa who’s in Mexico when his father just supposedly died?!

The anticipation was finally over when I saw Santos waking out of Hilda’s bathroom with bandages around his supposed gunshot wound. Tonight’s episode went on with the happy couple savoring their time together, even though Hilda was very anxious about Santos being out of her sight (lest he get shot again).

Then in the last 5 minutes of the show a nice, bright bedroom with Santos saying his vows to Hilda in her wedding dress was ruined by a cut of Hilda in her darkened bedroom with tears in her eyes. She finally admit to Betty that Santos was gone.

It’s not good to tease an audience like that. I have enough dream sequences with all the soap operas I watch. I didn’t need to see it on one of my favourite prime time shows!

They could’ve kept Santos (played by Kevin Alejandro, who coincidentally had a reoccurring role on one of my favourite soap operas, The Young and the Restless) on the show. It would have been realistic if he survived the gun shot wound, dammit!

On to the other characters. Alexis woke up out of her coma… but she doesn’t realize that she became a she from a he (did you get that?).  Daniel kicked his pill habit, and Betty buried her last reminders of Henry.  Amanda and Marc search for the truth regarding her paternity (the scene with her parents is hilarious!).  And Claire and Wilhelmina clash.

There was a low shot of a man’s feet as he stepped of a bus at the end of the episode.  I thought it was Santos (hey… it could happen!  He could’ve said “F&*% NY!  I’m moving to Woodbridge“, and left the show that way after he got injured from gunshot wounds).  But it was Henry coming back to town.  I’m looking forward to seeing his relationship with Betty grow after the fact that his girlfriend may or may not be pregnant with his baby.

So aside from the little Santos trickery the show did, the season premiere was pretty decent.

Here’s a clip from Las Pasiones de Betty:

YouTube Preview Image

Basketball: Week 2


It’s a good thing my friend is persistant.  I almost didn’t play in tonight’s game because I had a bunch of freelance work to do.  But I managed to get my lethargic-self out of my apartment and head down to the game after work.

We reached the gym to find only 3 members of our team playing against 4 on the other, and down on the scoresheet.  We were about 10 minutes late.  But instead of forfeiting, they decided to play on the chance that more of our team members would show up.  We did, and we ended up winning by 7 points (at least I think that’s what it was)!

I’m proud of myself, although I think I played a little better shot-wise last week (I was playing well offensively tonight though ;) ).  I made a sweek shot from beyond the free throw line when I relized I had an open shot. :)   And my body is nicer to me: I didn’t feel those funny palpitations coming from my chest cavity tonight and I took less water-breaks!

So now we’re up 2-0 in the standings.  Hopefully we can stay on top of the pack.

Heroes Season 2 Season Premiere


Hiro and Kensei from Heroes - nbc.comI’ve been waiting on this episode for months! And it was well worth the wait because it kept me wanting more.

Set 4 months after the time when the season finale ended, tonight’s episode of Heroes let faithful viewers piece together the happenings after the citizens of NYC eluded the Peter-the-bomb-threat.

Almost didn’t recognize Nathan with his new bush-man beard. Glad to see hottie Peter is still alive, even though he was trapped in a shipping crate in Ireland for what seems like months.

Poor Hiro… he always seems to get himself into some predicament. He needs to beware of that whole space-time-continuum thing. Kensei not being Japanese is a bit of a twist.

Looks like Claire’s made a new friend, even though he kinda has stalker tenancies with him flying up to her window and ogling her from a distance, then floating off like a feather in the wind.

Nice to see that Matt finally made detective (although he got a divorce) and Mohinder still fighting the good fight. Molly’s dreams are freaking me out though. I wonder what the writers are gonna do with that storyline.

The elders Ms. Petrelli and Mr. Nakamura have a long history behind them. It sucks that it doesn’t look like George Takei is going to be in any more episodes. Maya (Dania Ramierez) is a nice addition to the show. I like the dichotomy in her character as it pertains to her personality and her dark power.

Can’t wait until next week! :)

I also PVR-ed Journeyman. Looks like a decent show from the previews, but I’m too tired to watch it right now, so maybe tomorrow.

Bus Tour Shopping In Erie, Pennsylvania


Geez, my body has been put through the wringer this week. As if I wasn’t still sore from my Wednesday basketball game, I just spent my entire Saturday shopping from store to store in Erie, PA. Shopping is a great workout!

I usually go on these bus tour shopping trips once a year, or so. But now that the Canadian dollar has reached parity with it’s U.S. counterpart, I may start doing cross-border shopping a lot more often.

As for the bus trip, I went with an organizer named Sandy. Very knowledgeable woman–knows where to shop and most importantly border regulations. She’s been doing bus tours for years. Round trip cost each person $45CAN. We left Toronto 6:30ish, and reached PA a little after 10am. Luckily the bus wasn’t as packed as it usually is. It was about 1/2 full so everyone got their own double-seat to crash on.

Tupac Shakur Legacy - amazon.comProbably the best bargain I scored was purchasing a hardcover Tupac Shakur Legacy book at Borders Books. This amazing scrapbook, complete with photos, stories and removable reproductions of handwritten song lyrics, poetry and other personal papers has a list price of $59.95CAN ($45.00US). What did I pay for it? $4-freakin-99!!! :D I’m telling you, I cannot believe that I got this book for that price. I was at the cash paying for my cookbooks (not that I need them, because I’m such a great cook ;) ) and then I turned around and saw the bargain section of books on a piled display. There was the Tupac book with a red discount sticker on it for $4.99. I should’ve picked up the other 2 copies that were left (I gave this copy to my friend when I got back to Toronto as a belated birthday gift because Borders didn’t have a different book in stock). My friend who I was shopping with in Erie picked up Inside Hollywood: The Greatest Celebrity Photos from US Weekly for $4.99 from Borders as well.

Big Lots has some great deals on snack foods. I got a lot of stuff that I can add to my lunch bag when I head to work every day, as well as some spice grinders and Revlon makeup brushes ($1.50!).

Deréon BagAt the Burlington Coat Factory in Millcreek Mall, I got this super-cute Deréon bag for $25. I wish I had more time (and money) to spend in Millcreek mall, because I saw a lot of other things that I wanted to purchase as well. Plus the Victoria’s Secret store was so tempting! I was going to purchase a sterling silver sterling cubic zirconia necklace with a cruxifix pendant, but the stupid lady in the line in front of me just had to question and double check each of her perchases with the cashier, ponder about whether to get the item or not, and then ask if she got her discount. She was taking too damn long, so I had to put the necklace back and rush to catch the bus before we headed to our next stop.

Marshalls (Like Winners in Canada) has some good stuff as well. My friend picked up a super-nice Baby Phat bag for $59. I was tempted to pick up a trendy Kathy Van Zeeland bag, but I stopped myself (that’s will-power for you!). Got some sexy gold dress sandals and knock-around flats from Payless for $14 and $9 respectively. I’m glad I did, because Payless’ prices in the U.S. is much cheaper than here in Canada–plus they actually have more of a selection of shoes in my big-foot size. Also got some hair products for my happily nappy hair at Rose Beauty and Fashion (although I wish I had gotten a flat iron).

I was disappointed this time around because we didn’t get to stop at the Wal-Mart Super Center: the last time we went to Erie, I picked up this big bucket of chicken–wings, popcorn chicken, buffalo strips–for $8! But I settled for a sandwich from Subway since my belly was rumbling by the end of my hectic day. Next time I plan on going I’ll make sure to suggest some notable stops (e.g. more mall time).

Time management is everything on these types of trips. The bus has to be back at the Canadian border at a certain time, so your shopping stops and hours are divvied up throughout the day. The tour guide will tell you how much time you have at a certain store, outlet complex or mall and then tell you to make sure that you’re back at the pick-up spot at a certain time. Of course you have some of those careless people who hold everyone up by not heading the rules and coming back late… one of these days luck won’t be on their side when they have to catch a cab to meet back up with the rest of the group after the bus leaves them!

After leaving Erie around 5:30, we got back to Toronto at 8:30pm. The borders were smooth sailing both ways. There were no line ups at customs, probably since it wasn’t a long-weekend.

All-in-all a very good trip. I spent about $200, and for all the stuff I brought home, it was well worth it (thank goodness getting back through customs was problem-free!). The next time I visit the States will most likely be for Black Friday aka a shop-a-holic’s dream–the day after Thanksgiving. But I think I’ll rent a car and drive down with my friends, so we can have more time at the stores we’d like to visit.