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So Much For New Year’s Resolutions


Well I didn’t do too bad when it came to my resolutions for 2013. If you remember from my previous post, I was to budget more efficiently, make some art and post more on my blog.

One out of 3 ain’t bad, is it?

I managed to stick with my cash-only budget up until my birthday in March. Then I got lazy with tracking my purchases. But I’m still using mainly cash to purchase any items, and really thinking about what I’m buying (less impulse purchasing) which is a good thing.

As for art, I didn’t really start the painting aspect of it yet. But I did get some picture frames to house my photography, and stemmed the ‘art’ side to my baking: I made the cutest birthday cake a few weeks ago (yes, it was for my own birthday, so sue me). Will post photos soon.

I know I’ve been bad about keeping this blog updated on a semi-daily basis. It’s not that I don’t have a lot of stuff to blog about. It’s just that I procrastinate doing other things before focusing on my writing! This will change soon!