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Eat It, Haters! Cheerios ‘Just Checking’ Parody


You’d think that with a biracial President that America would be a little more accepting of interracial relationships, but it not to be the case according to some people. Cheerios recently disabled the YouTube comments section of their “Just Checking” commercial that debuted on May 28th due to being inundated with racial backlash.

The commercial features a mixed-race family: an adorable, biracial girl asks her Caucasian mother about the health benefits of Cheerios, then proceeds to comedically help her Black father with the heart-healthy cereal.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s sad that in this day and age that ignorance and bigotry still exist at this level (keeping in mind that there has been a large increase in interracial marriages over the last decade). It’s a cereal commercial for crying out loud, created by a company that hoped to celebrate the many different types of families that exist out there.

Watching this video made me think about if the roles were reversed (Caucasian father, Black mother) if the comments section would get as much hate as the original General Mills ad did. What if the parents were homosexual? Like in the following parody video by Kenji America:

YouTube Preview Image

The young girl in the parody says it best:

In the year 2013 the way our family looks shouldn’t be a big deal…

The spoof ends with a slight surprise that’s sure to cause even more controversy among the haters–she runs into the living room and there’s a Black woman covered in Cheerios who then asks, “What? Now this is a problem?”