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School’s Out!


No, I’m not referring to the Degrassi film (for you knowledgeable 20-something Canadians out there). I’m finally done teacher’s college! These eight months just flew by. Queen’s is an amazing university and I learned so much from the program and on my teaching placements. I just need to keep my fingers crossed that I get a permanent job come September. Thank goodness that I’m trained in a subject area that’s in need of teachers.

The Faculty of Education got us grad cakes after our final assembly (vanilla and chocolate… of course I had one slice of each). And now I’m back home in Toronto. Strangely enough I’m going to miss Kingston, Ontario (but not the tiny flies that seemed to have infested the lakeshore). It’s a nice town and I had the best landlords, housemate and classmates while I was there. :)

And now on to my mask that I told you I was artsing around with last week for one of my final projects. I bring you “The Mask of Teaching”, complete with a mini-scroll on my thoughts on education (thanks goes out to Stephan for the lovely hand writing ;) ).