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Norton Knows Customer Service


Norton from SymantecI turned on my computer this morning only to find out that my Norton 360 All-In-One Security software didn’t load up. When I tried manually to start the program, I got a message telling me that my trial has expired and that I needed to activate it. Trial? Excuse me? I purchased the software from Future Shop last September and still have over 5 months of subscription coverage. So I’m thinking, what’s going on? I even tried clicking the “activate” button on the program, but after it was authorizing for a couple of seconds the window just closed. So I decided to visit Norton’s support website for answers.

I noticed a prompt to connect to a live chat with a technician. I figured that I didn’t want to be stuck on the phone for hours like I have been with other company’s customer service departments. I was connected with a technician within 5 minutes. After explaining the problem he suggested opening a remote connection so that he can try to figure out the issue and solution first hand. After assuring me that none of my personal files would be tampered with, I gave him the a-okay and he took control of my computer.

Now I knew that this type of technology was available, but I didn’t realize that consumer software companies were actually making use of it. So I quickly went to the kitchen, got a snack and sat back while “Selvakumar” tried to find the glitch in my Norton software (seeing my computer have a “mind of its own” was cool). After getting the same error message I did, and trying to repair the 2.0 version of Norton 360 that I had, he offered to install Norton 360 3.0 for free for me, since it would most likely solve the weird issue I was having with my version.

Of course I said yes, and he even restarted my computer and installed the program for me.  After re-opening the chat window,  he gave me a “welcome back” message, asked if there was anything else, that I’d probably be contacted by email in regards to completing a survey about the support I just had and bid me a good day.  Now Norton is working perfectly (well for now at least) and I couldn’t be more grateful for the help of the technician.

Kudos to Symantec! You have one happy customer right here. :)