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Jully Black: Made In Canada


The past few days has got to be one of the best event-filled weekends that I ever had to ring in Canada Day.

I headed down to Harbourfront last night in anticipation of Canadian R&B singer/songwriter Jully Black who was hosting a concert at the WestJet stage in promotion of her new album Made In Canada.

As expected the concert was phenominal. The Toronto native belted out selections from her various albums with help from her amazing band.

I was moving to the beat once she sung “Sweat Of Your Brow” from her debut album This is Me. Jully had the whole crowd pumping their fists to “Glass Ceiling”. Her energy on the stage as a performer is contagious. Dancing and marching on stage and in 4-inch heels! She looked amazing as usual.

I can honestly say that Jully Black is one of the most passionate performers I have ever gotten to see sing live. Visibly breaking down with emotion nearing the end of her concert, she was encouraged by an appreciative and adoring crowd with a range of applause and cheers.

I’m lucky to have gotten the chance to work with her while I was a Web Producer at Universal Music Canada. She is a phenomenal woman who inpires change on many different levels, whether it’s music, health, fitness, spirituality, perserverance, beliving in yourself, or simply to dream.

She is proud to be Canadian and truly loves her fans.

That Beyoncé… she’s somethin’ fierce!



My good friend managed to offer me a ticket to last night’s Beyonce concert at the Molson Amphitheatre. Now, I never was really okay with some of those diva-ish qualities of Beyoncé since her solo act began several years ago, and added to the fact that I don’t think she could really act (have you seen Obsessed?), I wasn’t too keen on attending initially. I must say, that I’m glad went because the show was phenomenal!

Ms. Knowles (or should I say Mrs. Carter) started the show about 40 minutes late (which was okay with me b/c I didn’t reach until 8:30), but it opened with a bang with the bootylicious vixen making an entrance on the sci-fi-themed stage dressed in a tight, gold number. Opening with a rendition of “Crazy In Love”, the show got underway with cheers and sing-a-longs from devoted fans.

I wish I had her personal trainer and choreographer because that girl can move (including a mind-boggling back bend to a guitar rif). It’s a wonder she can do all those amazing dance sequences in high heels, and still be able to sing without seemingly catching a breath (even with all that pre-recorded technology on set). That woman is talented.

My personal favourites of last night’s show was Beyoncé’s performance of “If I Were A Boy” and “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It”) (complete with a montage of YouTube amateur renditions and an SNL sketch). I loved the all-girl band musical solos (almost felt like I was at a Lenny Kravitz concert). Though, I was left a little puzzled by the whole Beyonce-aka-Sasha-Fierce-robot-turning-into-a-leopard segment… but I’ll let that slide because the rest of the show was so spectacular.

Beyoncé’s performance included a couple of Canadian covers including Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” and Alanis Morrissette’s “You Outta Know” (which I think she did a pretty damn good job covering). She showed off her vocal skills with Etta James’ “At Last” and by performing “Ava Maria”. We got to see some retro video as her performing as a child, and even hear a few snippets from some Destiny’s Child tracks. Great job by Beyoncé’s backup singers, The Mamas with an entertaining interlude (including eying Toronto actor/rapper Drake who had his face on the big screen… much to the cheers of the female audience members). The 4-male, 4-female dancers were fabulous. There was also a fantastic Michael Jackson homage of “Billy Jean” done by the guitarist of Beyonce’s all-girl band, and Beyonce made sure to also thank the King of Pop at the end of her show which closed out with “Halo”.

Beyoncé’s Toronto stop of her “I Am” tour truly proved how much of a talented entertainer she really is. She loves her fans and it shows (she even ended up making her way through the front of the crowd). Beyonce is definitely proven that she’s fierce.

Michael Jackson Dead at 50


Michael Jackson - AP Photo/Joel Ryan

My first post in over a month and unfortunately it’s to bring some sad news. Michael Jackson died this afternoon at the age of 50 according to celebrity gossip website TMZ. Paramedics were unable to revive the pop superstar after he suffered a heart attack at his LA home.

This is shocking news to fans worldwide, especially on the heels of a comeback concert tour. Michael Jackson has contributed immensely to the music industry, almost single-handedly changed the face of pop music since his days of stardom began with the 70s group The Jackson Five. The record-breaking Thriller album made his career.  It’s unfortunate to think about the negative effect people in his life (his father especially), and the constant ridicule by the media for his actions and appearance. Physical appearance, legal battles and media-bashing aside, he was truly a gift to music and an inspiration for many.

This is such a coincidence for me since just recently I popped my History CD in my surround sound, been singing MJ tunes for the past couple of days, and was even watching the “You Rock My World” vid on YouTube Tuesday night. I loved his music, and always thought his talent for dance was remarkable. And you’ve got to admit: those music videos/mini-movies were something to watch.

RIP Michael… a wonderful talent, trailblazer and legend.