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Class Review: KTX Fitness Cycling with Keith Thompson


If you’re active on social media, you probably might have come across this video of a hip-hop inspired cycling class:

YouTube Preview Image

When I found out that KTX Fitness instructor Keith Thompson was going to be in Toronto, I jumped at the chance to sign up. Was it because I was an active spinner? No. Personally, I haven’t been on a bicycle in over a decade and I never even seen a spin bike up close. But I registered for the class because it looked fun.

Too often there is a monotony attributed to the gym scene. Even various fitness classes can become tedious with repetitive moves and the same drawn out down beat playing on the speaker.  When I saw the video of Keith’s cycle class, it looked like everyone was full of energy and his entertaining and positive attitude shown through (the twerking part in the above vid just sealed the deal for me). Here’s a video of him when he was on the Queen Latifa Show:

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The Cleveland, Ohio native led four classes this weekend and the guest instruction took place at the sleek Rocket Cycle spinning studio on St. Clair West, which opened a couple years ago. Rocket Cycle’s decor is very clean and modern The staff was very friendly. I loved the large lockers (no padlock needed), and the elegant-looking water station. Don’t have indoor cycling shoes? Rocket Cycle can lend you a pair for the class (though, I’m curing the guy who took the last size 10… I had to squeeze into a 9.5). Plus, they clean the whole studio between each class and provide a fresh towel on each bike. On the downside, Rocket Cycle is located right above World Class Bakery, so after burning which I think was 800 calories, I earned them back by buying a lemon shortbread cookie and a Nanaimo bar (you win some, you lose some).

Not used to the indoor cycling shoes, it took me a minute to figure out how to latch them on to the bike. When I realized I couldn’t dismount easily like if I were wearing regular runners on a bicycle, I worked up the nerve to innocently ask the nice lady beside me how to get off (excuse me for not wanting to break the shoes and use more force to dislodge them). Now that I knew how to make a quick escape and not be the sole person stuck to a bike in case the fire alarm went off, I was ready to warm up.

I made a few adjustments to the seat, but spinning seemed comfortable enough. Keith started the class with about 10 minutes of “warm-up”. I was cursing myself after the first 5 for actually signing up for this class, because my legs were already killing me.

Now I’m a pretty athletic woman. I’ve always been involved in sports and activities. But the older you get the more your body rejects the notion of you forcing itself to do work, rather than sit on your couch and eat a bowl of ice cream. So I haven’t been in my best shape, metabolism-wise, recently. So to go into this cold was an error on my part. But once I got into the music it actually became a lot easier. Keith also gave us lots of quick mini-water breaks while on our bikes, which was great (I think I downed almost a litre).

Keith’s playlist is awesome. A bunch of upbeat, hip hop tracks definitely make you forget that your muscles are tearing while riding a stationary bike and bouncing up and down. I personally enjoyed the R&B slow jams he played, during which I could catch my breath. There was enough body changing movements on the bike that allowed us to use more of our bodies and get a full workout. I was nervous at the fact that Keith was walking (I guess I should say dancing) up and down the aisle observing everyone’s spinning technique and positively motivating us. I surprised myself by actually keeping up with the majority of the exercises in the one-hour class that required us to stay up from the seat.

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It’s no surprise that KTX Fitness has become so popular. Keith Thompson’s passion and energy is contagious, and I can actually say that I would try the class again. The step classes he offers actually appeal to me as well, so I’ll be on the lookout for those if and when he comes back to Toronto, or if I even venture down to the Atlanta, Georgia area. KTX Fitness is highly recommended if you’re looking for a great workout that you will actually have fun doing.

Now I’m just waiting to see how sore my body will be tomorrow.

Review: The O-Course


I can’t recall a time when every muscle in my body has been this sore.

Yesterday morning I (willingly) participated in what had probably been the most mentally and physically challenging events of my life thus far: Fit Factory’s O Course. Tony Austin, a former U.S. marine drill instructor, and Ivan Ho are co-founders of this military-style obstacle course which is based on marine corps fitness training.

I first heard of Fit Factory Fitness last year from a friend who takes their boot-camp classes. A few months ago I saw a Groupon for The O Course so I decided that since I was on track for my new fitness regimen I purchased one. I don’t think I would’ve gotten the motivation to actually go if another friend hadn’t have told me that they were planning on going this summer. After some schedule adjustments we were set for August 10th.

Usuallly, The O Course takes place at The Docks in Toronto. This past Saturday organizers debuted with their new location: Wild Water Kingdom. I was actually kind of excited when I heard of this location change. I haven’t been to Wild Water Kingdom since I was living in Rexdale as a kid (although I knew I wasn’t going to be sliding down water-slides again until I checked off that Learn-How-To-Swim box on my bucket list) .

We got there just after 9am, plenty of time before the scheduled 10am start. New to the O Course this time around was the Kids O Course where a couple dozens children aged 5 to 14 jumped, climbed, ran and crawled through a similarly-designed obstacle course. The kids went first and the rest of us adults cheered them on as they completed different challenges, so we didn’t get our start until closer to 11am.

The Warm-Up

Whoever calls what we did a warm-up, has got to be some sort of cyborg. Apparently we lucked out: Tony A cut down our warm up to 20 mintutes instead of the usual 40-ish, because our post-warm-up run was longer than norm (10.2K) and we started a bit late (I’m not complaining).

We started off with warm up along the shore of Clairville Reservoire. After getting over the initial shock of how muddy the area was and how long it took me to do my pre-vacation hair earlier this week, I filled in lines with the rest of the “troops”. Megaphone in hand, Tony A led us through our warm-up, drill seargeant-style, with volunteers walking through the lines shouting words of “encouragement”. If people were slacking we were told to go “into the mud” to continue (I almost lost my shoe, because it was so thick and deep). We went though various sets of push-ups, sit-ups, chest-presses and squats, the marjority of which were done with a 4lb block of wood (called a “rifle”) in our hands.

The troops heading for their 10K run right after the warm-up.

The troops heading for their 10K run right after the warm-up. [Image from The O Course]

The Course (So it begins…)

Did I mention we also had to run 10K with this rifle? Well, we did. It actually wasn’t that bad. I managed to carry the rifle through the entire run without having to switch hands or rest it on my shoulders (must be all that practice I do carrying shopping bags on a daily basis). I did notice this one girl running the course rifle-less. When I glanced beside her a guy (most likely her boyfriend) carrying hers as well as his as they were jogging up the trail (talk about a princess… he carried both of them on the way back as well).

My friend was out of my view half-way though the run (even though she thought I’d finish before she did), so I was technically on my own the majority of the course. As long as I wasn’t last, I was okay (though at one point I almost got lost at a fork in the road and waited a few minutes for the runner behind me to ask for directions). The run was challenging, but doable. I did speed-walk instead of jog the majority of the way on the return trip, but I knew I could’ve moved at a faster pace if I put my mind to it.

A concentrated glare of determination: "I will not get my hair messed up... oh, yeah, and finish this obstacle course".

A concentrated glare of determination: “I will not get my hair messed up… oh, yeah, and finish this obstacle course”. [image from The O Course]

After the run, we were instructed to do 50 sit-ups with the rifles on our chest and feet in the water. I did these pretty quickly (compared with most exercises, sit ups are actually somewhat enjoable for me to do). Once complete we had to head back to the reservoir where we started our warm-up. The mud was so thick, getting back there was a struggle. I was tempted to take off my shoes as some participants did, but was afraid of what was lurking under there.

But wait! There’s more!

When we got back, we had to do four separate strength training exercises: carrying a pail of mud/water across the reservoire, a heavy ammo box with a partner, drag a cement cinder-block, and finally crawl through the water with a backpack filled with mud. The last one kind of freaked me out, so I double checked with the volunteer that I would’n’t be submerged above my neck while doing that activity (yes, I made it through with every hair in place). I wasn’t impressed with the fact that the water was filled with creepy, crawly things (I even saw a frog).

From there it was a quick sprint towards the final obstacles, the first of which was a giant pyramid of dirt and mud that looked like something that sick triceratops pooped out in Jurassic Park. When the volunteer that was manning the mound told us we had to sniper crawl up it, I thought “no way”. But I did it, even though I had to cheat a little and use my knees a couple of times (it was slippery). But when he said I had to sniper crawl down I nearly thought I was on some sort of hidden camera game show. That hill was steep, but I took a deep breath and went for it. It was kind of fun actually, and I still didn’t mess up my hair!

I couldn’t climb up the tall, wooden pyramid wall with the rope, it was way too slippery with mud, so I did the penalty of 25 burpees (my least favourite workout). At another challenge, two girls and I (who were at the same pace with me) worked together to give each other approved “boosts” over the wooden beams so we could make it through. As high of a jumper I am, this seemed to be a difficult one for the ladies (I thought I ruptured an ovary on my first solo attempt).

The only other obstacle that I though were a disadvantage to women because of height/build was the third-last trial: approximately 10, one-foot long, suspended pieces of rope that we were instructed to manouver ourselves through. With training I could probably do these a lot easier, but I think because the rope was covered in duct tape, and muddy from the dozens of participants who went through the course minutes earlier, it was really difficult to grip on to. Penalty burpees it was.

The monkey bars were pretty high as well, and assume a lot of women and/or shorter-statured men opted-out of this one. I was encouraged by the volunteer that I “look like” I could do it (damn these Serena Williams-esque arms), so I attempted it, but got to about three bars when my left hand slipped and I fell awkwardly on my right hand. I was really worried about re-injuring my wrist since I sprained it in basketball last year. Luckily I didn’t fall on it too bad, and the volunteer who was supervising that challenge gave me the option of just doing 25 sit ups and bowing out of doing the final obstacle: the rings. I was so close to finishing that I wasn’t about to let a little pain slow me down. With some encouragement from my friend who had finished the course 20 minutes earlier (and snapping photos of me while I silently cursed her), I stretched out my wrist and went for the rings. What do you know I made it through all 10 in one shot (grunting with each one, no doubt)!

My final time was 2:19. Obviously, I didn’t make the top 20 females, but I attempted each and every challenge and completed The O Course from start to finish. I am so proud of myself, and being the type of person to always want to challenge myself and try something new, I know that if I run The O Course again I’ll be a bit more mentally and physically prepared to do it even faster.

Some tips for newbies from a newbie on The O Course:

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before: I don’t know why I felt obligated to watch my pre-recorded episode of The Young and the Restless and various Shark Week docks until 3am the night before, but I should’ve hit the hay a lot earlier.
  • Eat a decent breakfast: I thought my banana smoothie and a Power Bar would’ve sufficed, but I was feeling hungry and nauseous minutes after the course. Have something filled with good carbs, and make sure you drink your water.
  • Make sure you’re at least semi-active: Although their official site says that The O Course is for all fitness levels, if you’re a permanent couch potato I reccommend you build your way up to The O Course by doing some regular form of physical activity leading up to it. I’m pretty active: I participate in team sports such as basketball and volleyball once a week, walk regularly, and do my 20-minutes of DVD cardio workouts at least four times a week. Since I got back from vacation a couple weeks ago, I’ve been a bit lazy though, so I was definitely not prepared as I could’ve been.
  • Wear clothes you’ll be willing to part with: You’ll get muddy. Really muddy. And bring a towel and change of clothing. This past Saturday’s O Course was touted as “Toughest and muddiest O Course of all time” by organizers. I’m still wringing out muddy water from the clothes I was wearing.
  • Make sure you take the day off: I had a get-together to attend at a friends house at 3pm that same day. By the time I hosed off after the course, got home, properly showered, rinsed out my muddy clothes, made a salad to bring along to the party it was 5pm. Plus I was utterly exhausted. You definitely need the afternoon to rest after this grueling workout.

The O Course definitely gave me some confidence. Even though my muscles are aching and I wish there was extra coconut water for us stragglers at the end of the race, I’m glad I participated in this event (and that my hair was mud-free).

Here’s a video of  the latest O Course (I’ll replace when the August 10th version is posted to their channel):

YouTube Preview Image


Turbo Jam Vs. Hip Hop Abs


As you probably know from reading my blog, I’m a bit of a shop-a-holic. Sometimes this pastime has me buying products off infomercials I see on television. Two of these products are fitness DVDs: Turbo Jam and Hip Hop Abs.


5 workouts on 2 DVDs include:
Learn & Burn
Turbo Sculpt
20-Minute Workout
Cardio Party
Ab Jam

Also in the package:
“Elite 11” flash cards – instructional cards that teach you the signature moves
Turbo Results step-by-step guidebook – Chalene’s secrets to success, including her weight loss meal plan, daily workout calendar, and dining out guide. A lot of healthy recipes inside for all meals, including smoothie. I also found the Eating Plan section a good read.
Turbo Slim rapid results program – an easy-to-follow meal plan and measurement tool to help you lose up to 10 inches in just 10 workouts
Turbo Sculpting gloves – weights built-in to a glove that you wear during your routine to increase muscle activity. They didn’t offer these when I bought my package last year, but they look cool.
Punch, Kick and Jam – An advanced workout where you get to use the sculpting gloves.

The Workouts:

Learn & Burn – This part of the DVD provides a quick introduction (learn) and short workout (burn) of Chalene’s “Elite 11” moves used throughout the program. These moves include the “pump”, “strike”, “row”, “turbo tuck”, “zig/zag”, “twist”, “W”, “7 Step”, “Capoeira Step”, “shake and shed” and the “wheel”. I thought this was a very well executed intro to all the moves to get beginners familiar with the techniques and proper form. But I only watched this a couple of times, then I got the hang of it.

20 Minute Workout – A good routine to play if you’re running short on time and want to get a quick burn going. Perfect for beginners.

Turbo Sculpt – If your goal is to get nice and toned, this is the workout for you. If you want to feel the maximum effect you can use a couple of light weights (e.g. 3-5lb) for this 40-minute exercise. But if you want to do it weight-free for a low-impact workout, there’s the option to follow along that way as well, and you still . Chalene makes sure to let you know the importance of doing strength training to boost your metabolism.

Cardio Party – This is my favourite routine. Not only is the music fun to work out to, but all the movements are varied and you really feel like you’ve accomplished something after the workout. Chalene make sure to warm up with all the movements at the beginning of the routine, and clearly tells you how each movement is supposed to be executed and how it will help you with your health and fitness. Out of all the moves in this workout, the speed-bag into the uppercut (done to LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out”) is at the top of my list–really makes you feel like dancing!

Ab Jam – The focus of this routine is, like the title says, your abs. The “turbo tuck” is stressed, and Chalene is sure to keep you on your toes so that you keep the correct position. This workout is a nice complement to any of the above routines and really works out your abs.

Both DVDs have a Special Features section which includes a bio on Chalene and the Turbo Jam concept, a section on getting to know the cast (other exercisers) of all the workouts, and a cute parody of MTV’s Punk’d called Jam’d where Chalene plays a couple of tricks on her fellow cast members.

What I liked: I didn’t really get bored with Turbo Jam. I actually look forward to doing the routines, because of the music and Chalene’s positive and energetic instruction. Another reason why I liked Turbo Jam so much was that the fact that there was a nice variety of people actually taking part in the workout. Usually with these exercise DVDs you only see the super-skinny, modelesque-type. This isn’t really the case with Turbo Jam. Two of the cast members in Chalene’s workout (Mindy and Ana-Rita ) use to be one of those “testimonial” people and in the behind the scenes you get to see their before and after photos. They’re the two who also do the low-impact workout, which I find very important in these types of aerobic programs, because not a lot of people can keep up with the normal routine, and sometimes you just want a break from the high impact. There’s also several men in the cast, one of whom is a 53-year-old grandfather. I like the fact that there’s variety in the way each of the cast do their routines (a couple do it fun and funky, others high impact, and others low impact.

What I disliked: Nothing really. Maybe the routines could’ve been a bit more ‘dancy’, but other than that it was all good.

YouTube Preview Image


4 workouts on 2 DVDs include:
Secrets to Flat Abs
Fat Burning Cardio
Ab Sculpt
Total Body Burn

Also in the package:
Step-by-step nutrition guide
30-day workout calendar

Hip, Buns, and Thighs (a 25-minute workout)
Results on the Run diet guide (just a tiny pamphlet on what foods to buy from fast-food restaurants if your calorie-conscious)
6-Day Slim Down plan (an easy-to-follow plan to help you lose up to 3 inchess off your waist in your first week)
Measurement card and tape measure (a nice little card to keep track of your weight/inch loss, but the tape measure is kind of cheap).

The Workouts:

Secrets to flat Abs – Using the tilt, tuck and tighten technique this 13-minute exercise helps introduce you to the different moves involved with Hip Hop Abs.

Fat-Burning Cardio – This workout was fun, especially when “Don’tcha” by The Pussycat Dolls came on (Shaun’s soonnng!). Shaun makes watching the DVD entertaining and he keeps you energized. Lots of movement with this one, and the moves are easy to pick up.

Ab Sculpt – This routine provides some decent standing ab work. Again, make sure that the tilt-tuck-tighten stance is held or you won’t feel the burn. Weighted gloves are also an option for this routine.

Total Body Burn – A little more intense than the Fat-Burning Cardio, and the use of weights are involved to intensify the workout.

Hip, Buns and Thighs – I thought this was an okay workout. My favourite move is the “dip it low”, because with some adjustments, I could probably use this move in a club. :D There’s floor exercises in this one, and they help with firming up buns and thighs and with stretching.

Last Minute Abs – A super-quick (5 minutes) workout with focus on your abs. Beginners may have a bit of trouble with this one, as there is a lot of movements, but this is one of the routines at the top of my list out of this set.

Learn To Dance – Hip Hop Groove, the ‘learn to dance’ section of the Hips, Buns, and Thighs DVD set was my favourite. The moves were a bit tricky to learn at first, and at times I had to rewind my DVD to try and get the hang of it. But once I got all the moves down, the final routine had my heart pumping and feeling like I was a background dancer in a hip hop music video. On the Last Minute Abs DVD there is also a dance routine that Shaun teaches. The moves are a bit easier to pick up than in the one on the other DVD. Very fun, and I like the fact that I could customize it with my own style.

What I liked: Shaun T definitely makes the DVDs fun and interesting. He brings high energy to all the routines and doesn’t hesitate to display his sculpted 6-pack… just something you can aim to archive on your own with hard work. The ‘Learn To Dance’ portions of these DVDs were the highlights. These DVDs also have some mini bios of some of the cast members in the Special Features section. The moves are fun to learn, and you can probably bring a few with you the next time you reach a club. If you hold the TTT position throughout the routines then you’ll really feel it in your abs. If you don’t feel like listening to Shaun during the routines and feel like dancing it up a bit more, you also have the option at the beginning of each segment to make the music louder.

What I disliked: All the cast members looked a little to perfect. I would’ve liked to see some more “real”-looking people taking part in the exercises. Also, there’s only one member of the cast doing the low-impact version of the workout, and it’s hard sometimes to watch her since the camera keeps on cutting to close-up shots of everyones abs. Speaking of abs, the back wall of the studio where Shaun and his cast are doing their routines has giant posters of close-ups of totally toned and chiseled people. I guess this can act as some sort of catalyst to spark you into achieving your dream of a flat belly… but on the other hand some people don’t need to be reminded about their flab.

I don’t know if it was just me, or if I need to review the DVDs again, but I didn’t notice very many of the cast members sweating. Shaun seemed to be the only one breaking a sweat (which is a good thing because it shows how intense the workout it), but I just found it a bit strange.

YouTube Preview Image

THE VERDICT: In my books Turbo Jam wins over Hip Hop Abs. As much as I love hip hop and dance, I just found Turbo Jam to be more of an effective workout. I felt that I used more parts of my body, rather than just focusing on my abs, and I actually broke a sweat after each workout. Chalene went into more detail about health and fitness in relation to her own routine as the workouts were being taught, moreso than Shaun T did in Hip Hop Abs. I found Turbo Jam a highly effective combination of martial arts, aerobics, dance, capoeira and tai chi. Perhaps that’s why I picked up muai Thai kickboxing so quickly! Here’s a link to some Turbo Jam testimonials (I acutally know Rob A. in the video, and participated in his Turbo Kick classes in Toronto.  Chalene also has a nice blog… lots of healthy recipes, fitness advice and posts about her life and career there.
So, if I were to choose between Turbo Jam and Hip Hop Abs, I’d go with Turbo Jam. If you have the extra cash and lucked out with some deals off of eBay or Amazon, then buy both if you like. But remember, these workouts are only as effective as you make them to be. Try to do them at least every other day if you want to see results. Remember that the secret to see some results is holding down either the “Turbo Tuck” or “Tilt, Tuck, Tighten” position throughout the routines.

As for results, I’ll admit I didn’t keep up with them as much as I’d like. But I was using Turbo Jam on a regular basis (4-5 times a week) for about a month or so, and I did notice a huge change in my metabolism and stamina–routines that were causing me to break a sweat 5 minutes in, were becoming easier to do. I also noticed that I could climb stairs a lot more easier as well… :D Also, since diet plays a huge role as far as noticeable results are concerned, I didn’t stick to 100% healthy eating on a scheduled basis for very long to see the changes in my body, unfortunately. But I did, start eating a lot healthier than I was and watched my calorie intake. I actually remember noticing a couple of pounds disappearing from the scale 3 weeks into my routine. Just remember to keep active with these routines and watch what you eat if you want to see any change in the way you look and feel.


  • Probably the most important thing other than cardio burning if you want to tone up your body and lose weight is watching what you eat.
  • Take note of your BMI and figure out how many calories you should be eating each day in order to maintain or lose weight.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Try your best not to skip it.
  • Be sure to eat lots of fruits and veggies, and lower your portion sizes. An example of your dinner plate should be split into three portions: 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein (lean meat, poultry or fish) and 1/4 starch (pasta, rice or potatoes).
  • Eating 5-6 small meals a day (spaced 2-3 hours apart), instead of 3 large meals will help you lose the weight you want. Doing this will keep your metabolism strong and constant throughout the day, and prevent your body from going into ‘hibernation mode’ (storing fat) when you go a long time without food and then gorge on a big meal.
  • Don’t forget: protein is also important to help your body build and repair itself. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn! You might want to pick up some Whey Protein for the local nutrition store and use a bit of it in your smoothies, cereal or shakes.
  • Having a “cheat day” (where you can eat that mouth-watering slice of chocolate cake, or drink that can of Pepsi) once a week will help with the transition process.

No matter which workout routine you use, just remember what Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod say: Keep fit and have fun!

My First Hip Hop Abs Workout


My Hip Hop Abs package that I ordered from BeachBody a couple weeks ago, finally got delivered last Tuesday.  I figured I’d “officially” start the my routine today, since it’s a holiday (and I wanted to pig out on ‘bad’ food over the weekend).

I just got through the “Fat Burning Cardio” routine, and I honestly think that if I keep up with the included workout plan every day (using Sunday as a rest day), I think that I can lose some serious poundage in the next couple of months.  The first routine was definitely fun. There’s even some moves that would work well the next time I head out to a club. ;)  The moves are easy to pick up, and Shaun T has the “Secret to Flat Abs” section of his DVD that will help beginners learn the moves to maximize the results.

I’m going to try and stop make excuses for not working out daily… after all, the first routine was only 30 minutes.  I followed that today with a stairclimbing up and down several floors of my apartment.  Trust me… I felt the burn.  Hopefully my metabolism picks up.

I’m gonna go make myself a mango smoothie with some protein powder now, and think about what I’m going to eat for dinner.  KFC is definitely out of the question.

I Caved and Bought Hip Hop Abs


So last night (or rather, this morning at 3am), I did something I swore I wouldn’t do until I got my budget in order: I ordered something online. I know, I know… I need to have self-control when it comes to shopping, but this will be worth it in the long run!

My purchase of Hip Hop Abs was sparked by the fact that I realized I had gained another five pounds, contrary to the fact that I’ve been avidly looking at the labels of all the food products I buy to make sure that the calorie factor is low. I realized that this is not enough, and that I have to stop eating those big, super-late dinners and stop skipping breakfast. Six small meals a day, an active workout, and proper diet will need to be my new plan if I want to tone up and slim down.

I’ve used Turbo Jam actively before. I was religiously following a set regimen for about 3-4 weeks and I noticed that I did lose 5-8lbs. But, alas I abruptly stopped b/c I found I was too tired to work out after I got home from a long day at work. Also adding to the fact that I stopped was that I was noticing my clothes fitting a bit better, and people close to me actually noticed that I looked thinner. In reality the numbers on the scale were going up.

Where is all this weight going?!?! I remember when I was at the doctor’s office earlier this year for my annual physical, the nurse weighed me. Prior to setting foot on the scale I informed her of my timidness b/c the last time I checked I was 180lbs. She’s like, “Nooo! That can’t be right, you don’t look more than 140”. Needless to say, she was shocked when she had to keep tipping the weight on the scale to the right to balance it out. LOL… even my doctor didn’t believe me when I told him how much I weighed (the last time he weighed me, I was around 155). Bah… I guess it could be all muscle. (wishful thinking :D)

Back to my Hip Hop Abs impulse buy: It cost me three easy payments of $19.99 (thank goodness, because I don’t think I would want my credit card to go over the limit again this month :D ) I even got 10% for using an online coupon. It comes with 4 routines, an extra DVD bonus and a bunch of little extras (nutrition guides and such). I cracked and got the advance DVD’s as well, because I didn’t want to pay shipping again, and they were offering them at 50% off. Yeah, I know that I probably could’ve saved my money and got a bootleg version, but I’m not the pirating type… ;) The infomercial seems kinda typical, but if the routines are followed closely it actually shows results. Just take a look at Rob’s results from doing Turbo Jam. If you’re in the Toronto-area, take some of his Turbo Jam classes… they’re so much fun, and a great workout! I really need to start going to them again.

I’ll keep my eye on the mailbox for my Hip Hop Abs DVDs. I can’t wait to try out the routines! I had some success with Chalene’s Turbo Jam, so with Shaun T’s DVDs, hopefully I can get great results, especially since it’s done to “Hip Hop”. My dancing days may not be over yet! :D

YouTube Preview Image