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Yes, he can! Barack Obama: President-Elect


Barack Obama - courtesy of barackobama.comSenator Barack Obama has just been elected the 44th president of the United States of America.  This is definitely history in the making.  Wow… what an evening watching the polls, knowing where I was when the first African-American maintained a victory and is now at the helm of the White House. Truly amazing. It’s also great to see so many young people and first-time voters taking an interest in politics and realizing that their vote really counts.

There’s a passion, a transformational leadership and inspiration that Obama brings to the plate.  I’m positive that in his new role as president, his positive attributes will work to the benefit of the United States and help bridge the divide that is still apparent in the country.

Congratulations President Obama.

On the brink of history…


McCain vs. Obama (image from record number of American voters are expected to cast their votes later today and be a part of what is probably the most historical presidential election in U.S. history.  If all goes according to what the pre-election polls say, we may very much see the first African-American President of the United States. Perhaps now we are ready to see that, unlike what the late Tupac Shakur’s 1998-released track entitled “Changes” (ironically) states. There is also a chance that we’ll also see the the oldest person elected to a first term, and the first woman vice president (and perhaps president herself soon if the former doesn’t allow his age to get the best of him).

So will it be a Obama-Biden government or McCain-Palin one?  Let’s hope American’s make the right decision today and that we’re on the brink of change.

I’m sure going to miss all those hilarious SNL political sketches though…

Obama ’08! :D

Canadians head to the polls


Fellow Canadians, make sure you reach a polling station today and vote in the 2008 Federal Election.  Polls are open until 9:30pm (EST) tonight.

And on a less serious note, check out these Election Kids, especially the adorable mini-Jack Layton (Clip from The Rick Mercer Report):

YouTube Preview Image