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Gettin’ Artsy…


School is winding down for me, so of course that means that my procrastination is making its rounds.  One of my final projects include a creative way to display my professional development. Initially I chose to do a painting, but my art supplies were to big to lug back to Kingston with me from Toronto.  So as I was browsing Dollarama, I got inspired to make my own tribal mask (the “mask of teaching” if you will) after seeing some similar trinkets in the shop.  My idea was cemented (pun intended) when I noticed that Dollarama had natural modelling clay on sale for $1 (I would think they would bump up that price like they have with some other items in the store). So I picked up two packs, got some beads, paint brushes, paints and a pack of foam brushes and I was on my way.

I don’t think I ever worked with this type of clay since grade school, so my face lit up once I opened the package and got my hands in it. It was surprisingly easy to work with (as long as water was on hand), and I was able to make various shapes for all the facial features of my mask. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take to dry, but it better be soon because I have to hand this project in by the beginning of next week.

I still have to decorate it of course, so once my mask is dry I’ll have loads of fun doing that. Yay for arts and crafts (and Dollarama)!