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Get Trained at the “Kingon” Defense Academy


The latest Star Trek movie hits theatres tonight. It’s time you learn the basics to defending yourself from those large-foreheaded aliens. Check out for the hilarious “training” video clips part of the latest Burger King campaign. My favourite was the Talaxian Limb Paralysis (a swift kick to the “low orbiting asteroids” and the “typewriter attack” :D ).

As a Trekkie since the debut of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I’m looking forward to this new, younger cast. Hopefully this flick will rejuvenate the series of Star Trek movies, and we can look forward to many more to come! I’ll be seeing the new movie on Saturday (as much as I want to see it tonight). But now I’m really tempted to get some of those collector glasses from BK…

Check out the official Star Trek movie site here.

YouTube Preview Image