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I’m a finalist!

2009 has been pushed through to the finals for the 2009 Black Weblog Awards, in the category of [drumroll please]… Best Food Blog! Yeah, I know that you’re thinking, “Monique, you’re blog isn’t called ‘Alotaboutfood'”. Well that’s obviously correct, but I have enough posts and reviews on food, recipies and kitchen gadgets that should warrent a best food (and more) blog title! :D

So for all you faithful readers out there, please visit and vote for my blog,, in the “Best Food Blog” category. I know there’s a lot of other great blogs out there, but I assure you that there will be plenty of recipes to come by the end of this month (I am a self-proclaimed procrastinator and my hard drive is filled with food photos I have yet to post the recipes for).

Thanks! Alotaboutnothing for the win!

2009 Black Weblog Awards… Time to vote for yours truly


The 2009 Black Webloog Awards are here, and even though I kind of waited for the last minute I need your nomination votes for this year’s awards! won the popular vote for “Best Food Blog” back in 2007, so this year I hope to either scoop up that award again (although I apologize for not posting as many recipes lately) or in any of the other 4 categories on the nomination link.

I want to thank all of you who frequent my blog.  I’ll try my best to keep it fresh so that it’ll keep you around here. :)

So please make sure to visit the 2009 Black Weblog Award nomination link, and let them know that is a blog worth reading.

Thanks in advance! :)