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Tennis Anyone?


It’s time I gave my salsa shoes some rest and pick up a new hobby: Tennis! People who know me,  know I’m always active doing something in my spare time, and this summer I decided to change it up a little and try a racquet sport.

I’ve never played tennis before,  but after watching great matches over the years on TV (and on my Nintendo Wii) I decided to give this new sport a try.

A friend of mine is a member of a tennis club,  so I managed to find one that still had spots available for this season. Scored some good deals (and went overboard a bit) on tennis gear and clothing (the skirts are so cute),  and now I’m ready to go!

It’s a shame that now I don’t have much money left over for actual tennis lessons,  but that’s what YouTube is for.  :-)

I had my first ladder match today and won both sets! Mind you, it was against other beginners,  so it’s all a learning process.  A ladder is basically a system of ranking tennis players,  allows access to set up challenges,  report scores and meet new people.  If youre thinking about joining a tennis club,  I highly recommend participating in the club’s ladder.

When I first joined I didn’t know how physically exerting it would be.  I was sweating after a few sets.  It’s a great work out total body workout though.

Wimbledon here I come!