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Earth Day: Think Green


Image from Google EarthToday marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, which was designed to inspire awareness and appreciate for the environment.

There are a lot of events going on in the city and across the nation. But it’s important to remember that being mindful of Earth’s environment should be done 365 days a year.

I’m happy to see so much positive change when it comes to environmental promotion, less consuming, recycling, and reusing. But there’s so many things that could still be done. I’m going to try to to my part to help conserve and keep Earth as green as possible, whether it means opting for public transit over driving, turning off unnecessary lights, or by carefully recycling all that I can.

Be sure to do your part. Get involved. Keep in mind that this planet is the only one we have, and we need to sustain it.

Find out more about Earth Day events in your city (including taking the Brita┬« FilterForGood pledge at Yonge-Dundas Square to reduce bottled water waste) by visiting If you’re free this weekend and would like to attend a fun and educational eco-consumer show, visit the Green Living Show at Exhibition Place in Toronto. Check out the details at

KFC’s Doubling Down… and doubling the heart attacks


The Double Down Sandwich -

The KFC website’s homepage ad on the new Double Down sandwich says, “Don’t just feed your hunger. Crush it!” With fast moving images of the Double Down sandwich in the background. Crush your arteries, more like it, with a heart-stopping amalgamation of cheese, mayonnaise, bacon sandwiched between two breaded chicken fillets.

Who needs bread when you have two pieces of deep-fried, battered chicken? Kentucky’s Double Down was launched Monday in the U.S. Thank goodness that there’s no sign of it coming to Canada, because I wouldn’t like to subject myself to that much sandwiched fat (as tempting as it may be).

I was surprised to hear that this was “only” 540 calories, just about par with McDonald’s Big Mac. But the kicker is a whopping 1,380 milligrams of sodium and 32 grams of fat. They have a grilled chicken option, but I doubt many patrons would go that route with all the awe surrounding the original concoction. What happened to fast food chains starting to gear to the healthy trend?

Mmmm… I could feel my arteries clogging up already.