Get your $1 Megabus tickets to travel between Toronto and Montreal!

That’s right, Coach Canada is at it again. But this time they’ve joined forces with Megabus, new double-deckers that offer a more comfortable ride. Tickets are now on sale (online only) for as low as $1!

Now I don’t know if it was a press release error, but when I read Metro newspaper this morning they said that the seat sale for the $1 tickets will start on August 19th. I decided to check out the website today myself and lo and behold $1 tickets were released up to November 24th! Had I checked a little earlier I might have scooped up some of those high demand weekend tickets for less that it would cost me to buy a happy meal. But I did manage to secure some super-cheap seats for the upcoming months (makes my LDR a lot easier!).

The majority (if not all) of the $1 tickets for weekend departures/returns are pretty much sold out. But I just seen a bunch for mid-week travel on sale for $1. Once the 10,000 $1 seats are sold out, you’ll still be able to find decent prices on Toronto to Montreal travel, between $10 and $60. Don’t fret about not getting a deal, try to make your travel plans as flexible as possible (I myself will have to endure some 3am arrival times, but it’s worth my loonie!).

$16 million dollars has been invested by Coach Canada for the 15 new Megabus buses that will depart/arrive at the following cities: Whitby, Mississauga, Toronto, Scarborough, Kingston, Kirkland and Montreal, at up to 8 daily departure times.

The 81-passenger, 3.99 metres (13.1 feet) high, two-level coaches have front and rear staircases and offer free Wi-Fi, power outlets and DVD video capabilities, as well as a panoramic view, two folding card tables, comfortable reclining seats, restroom, safety belts and mobility impaired accessibility.

I’ve taken Coach Canada buses before, but have never been on a Megabus. Head over on to and book your dollar tickets before they’re all sold out! Good luck on finding the good ones!

14 Responses to “Get your $1 Megabus tickets to travel between Toronto and Montreal!”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hey There!

    I don’t know what you’re talking about but I’ve been checking that site for the past few days and the lowest price they have is 18 dollars. Maybe you could clarify this? That would really help thanks.

  2. Monique says:

    Hi Elizabeth! I clarified the pricing scheme in my third paragraph: “The majority (if not all) of the $1 tickets for weekend departures/returns are pretty much sold out. But I just seen a bunch for mid-week travel on sale for $1. Once the 10,000 $1 seats are sold out, you’ll still be able to find decent prices on Toronto to Montreal travel, between $10 and $60.” If you can’t find any $1 tickets for a particular date, then that batch for that particular time is probably sold out. There’s only a certain amount of $1 tickets available per departure, just as there are a certain amount of $10 tickets, $18 tickets, $28 tickets and so on. You might have to try to be more flexible about your travel dates. I just did a search for random dates in October and November, and I found several $1 ticket available with afternoon departures (I figure that they’re still available b/c most people don’t want to waste their day travelling 5-6 hours to Montreal, and would rather leave in the early morning or at night to make the most of their time), but most of these $1 tickets that are left are only available mid-week (e.g. Wednesday). Weekends are pretty much sold out and only have the $55-60 tickets left. September dates for the cheap tickets are selling out fast because it’s just around the corner, and people are more aware of their travel dates. Just try a more thorough search and try to be as flexible with your travel dates as you can. Good luck! :)

  3. Michee says:

    My parents just came back from using their 1 dollar tickets to montreal and back..apparently the ride from toronto to montreal was 7 hours!! It stopped in Cornwall and Brockville..for half an hour at a time.. lol Cheap Ride but longggg journey!


  4. simone says:

    Hello I had a similar experience, a very long ride and very rude customer service. To make matters worse, I made a mistake on the internet and booked the wrong day. Of course, they made me buy another full fare ticket and told me they could refund the other one. Of course, they didn’t and just offered an unsigned e-mail telling me that they won’t.

    Of course, I calculated that I could have taken the train for the money I spent on then. I would have had a much more comfortable ride, I would have had refunds for my ticket and I would have had wifi. Also, it would be a much more beautiful and environmental trip. And I wouldn’t be dealing with people who were so rude. Not to mention, they would have refunded my ticket with a penalty.

    Next time, I am taking the train.

  5. Alex says:

    Have been trying for 2 hours to try to find rates and schedules for Megabus and every time we go to Coach Canada website it doesn’t give us anything but a title page. Very frustrating and have had trouble before trying to find info out.

    Maybe they don’t want customers???!!!!

  6. N says:

    It kinna sucks that they are all gone, even the 10$ ones but they still advertise them. And why isn’t there stops to Ottawa, seriously they totally change that so many ppl do Toronto-Ottawa and Montreal-Ottawa every hour possible there is often to many ppl for one bus…

  7. nikki says:

    megabus website has trips that are pretty cheap depending on the demand. coach canada website or ticket tellers do sell tickets to ottawa from montreal, megabus doesnt go that far. usually if u book like a month in advance you can get a seat for 20 dollars. havnt seen any one dollar tickets so far, but ill keep looking.

  8. sas86 says:

    If you enter the website, you will automatically be redirected to coachcanada’s website. By entering, you can order your tickets through megabus..I don’t actually know if there is a difference in price, but I don’t think Coach Canada advertises the $1 tickets on their site – I could be wrong though.

    What I do know, is that $1 tickets ARE available. It varies by date and time, though. For example, I found a $1 ticket from Toronto to Kingston, about a month from now. I have yet to find a $1 ticket from Toronto to Montreal. However, the lowest priced ticket I found on the Toronto-Montreal route is $16, and that’s a month from now. (Regardless, with the price of gas these days it is cheaper to opt for Megabus rather than driving yourself).

    And as much as people say you have to book a month or more in advance to get the really cheap tickets, it’s not true. And I only say that because I have taken megabus in the past, and booked VERY last minute – 2 days before the trip, which is the minimum I think? – anyways, I still saw very cheap tickets that were being sold. There are so many factors, I think it’s hard to predict when you should commit to buying a ticket. Like where you want to go, what day of the week, what time of the year, whether you leave at 3am or 3pm, etc…. it depends on demand, just like nikki said.

  9. Monique says:

    Thanks for the very helpful comment sas86! :-) I haven’t booked with MegaBus in since a few months after this post, but it’s good to know that there are still cheap tickets out there.

  10. pravin patel says:

    I booked my return ticket from toronto to in $.63 / – one month ago.Realy its a very good deal price for me as today the gas prices are jumping tomuch high.This is realy appriceable.
    Thanks to now a days.

  11. ANN HEERAWAN says:

    I think that there should be more of the $1.00 seat sale and the times and days for travelling should be as the regular schedule thats offered now. For people who are using the megabus regularly or maybe after four trips we should get the other trip free. I enjoy travelling by the megabus and another thing is that especially when its the late night travel there should be no delays since people have to get picked up and connect to another bus. If its fifteen minutes in Kingston is should stay that way. I have experienced the difficulties of the delays already and I hope to see this corrected.

  12. Ivan Stephen says:

    Be VERY CAREFUL TO LOOK AT THE DATES in the little calendar when booking. They are using a British-format calendar, in which the first day of the week is MONDAY (admittedly more logical than the North American format!)

  13. Monique says:

    Very good tip, Ivan! I almost booked the wrong departure date once before, if I didn’t double check. Thanks! :-)

  14. I am always checking for $1 seats Toronto to Montreal return ….anytime any day and as of this day Oct 17 , 2014 I have never found any. Yes tickets for $12 or $15 which is good but never for $1. I even called Megabus and complaimed. They said there are only a few and I have to be fast to grab one. How many of you have gotten $1 seats? I am trying now to buy ticket for Dec 15 return. Can’t buy the return ticket for Jan. So frustrating. Hopefully soon.

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