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How long will Toronto stink?


Garbage receptacle in Toronto overflowingDon’t get me wrong: I love my city. But this city-wide strike didn’t leave me feeling very proud of the T Dot.

After a tentative deal was reached, striking City of Toronto workers will be back on the job soon. And it can’t be soon enough. I didn’t even realize how much garbage was piling up during the month-long strike until I passed a giant park-turned-landfill the other day. Sure the overflowing garbage bins gave me an inkling, but a month with no garbage pick-up is just a tad ridiculous.

No wonder tourists aren’t visiting our “lovely” city as much as they used to. It seems the only tourists we had were an influx of mice and other vermon who have been digging through bags of trash lining city streets and parks. Personally, I think they should’ve been legislated back to work weeks ago.  Especially when there are so many city workers dependant on the income from jobs they had to suspend,  parents out there relying on child care and children eager to spend part of their summer in community centres and pools.

Seems like everyone’s going on strike these days. Just the other day Via Rail engineers headed to the picket lines. The two-day strike ended up with a 60% off promotion to compensate customers for the inconvenience. The promotion ends Wednesday night has been extended until Friday, July 31st if you’re thinking about purchasing train tickets… but it seems that their website is on strike now by how slow it’s running (probably the reason for the extension).

Hopefully it won’t be too long ’til Toronto is squeaky clean and running smoothly again.

2009 Black Weblog Awards… Time to vote for yours truly


The 2009 Black Webloog Awards are here, and even though I kind of waited for the last minute I need your nomination votes for this year’s awards! won the popular vote for “Best Food Blog” back in 2007, so this year I hope to either scoop up that award again (although I apologize for not posting as many recipes lately) or in any of the other 4 categories on the nomination link.

I want to thank all of you who frequent my blog.  I’ll try my best to keep it fresh so that it’ll keep you around here. :)

So please make sure to visit the 2009 Black Weblog Award nomination link, and let them know that is a blog worth reading.

Thanks in advance! :)

Recipe: “Eggcellent” Egg Sandwich


Egg Sandwich

Eggs are one of the most versatile and nutritious foods that anyone can have in their kitchen. I was re-introduced (because I faintly remember having this meal in my youth, but I mainly enjoy egg-salad sandwiches) to this dish by a friend earlier this year and am now making it part of my regular meal plans: The Egg Sandwich. Sound simple? Well it is. Anyone can make this super-healthy sandwich as a start to the day for breakfast, or a protein-packed after-school/work snack.

Yield: 1 sandwich


1 large egg
1 tbsp milk
2 slices of sandwich bread (I prefer to use Villaggio Italian Style 100% Whole Wheat Bread)
1 slice of cheddar cheese (not the processed kind, enough to cover one slice of bread with cheese that’s 1/8″ thick)
3 lettuce leaves (e.g. Boston or Romaine)
1 small tomato (sliced)
1 tbsp parsley (chopped)
1 tsp dill (chopped)
1 tsp butter
1/2 tbsp Miracle Whip dressing
A few drops of hot sauce (optional)


  1. In a  7″ skillet (Chef Steph uses this Starfrit one which makes the egg the perfect size of the bread) over medium heat, melt the butter.
  2. In a small bowl whisk together the egg, milk and hot sauce. Add the parsley, dill, salt and pepper to the egg mixture and pour into the heated pan.
  3. Using a small spatula or fork quickly mix together the egg mixture with the butter in the pan (almost like you’re scrambling eggs, the butter give it a bit more flavour and texture) until the egg is set evenly on the surface. Cook for 2-3 minutes on one side. Flip (you can try a nifty pan-flip if you like) with the spatula and cook the other side for another 2 minutes.
  4. While the second side of the egg is setting put your bread in the toaster oven on 250°F with the cheese on one slice of the bread. Toast for 2 minutes until the cheese is slightly melted. If you like your toast more on the crispy side, feel free to leave it in a bit longer.
  5. Remove your egg from the heat and place on top of the cheesy slice of your toasted bread (then again, it doesn’t matter what order you put this in, it’s all going in your mouth anyways).  Complete your sandwich by topping with lettuce, tomato and spread on the dressing. Cut in half if desired.

That Beyoncé… she’s somethin’ fierce!



My good friend managed to offer me a ticket to last night’s Beyonce concert at the Molson Amphitheatre. Now, I never was really okay with some of those diva-ish qualities of Beyoncé since her solo act began several years ago, and added to the fact that I don’t think she could really act (have you seen Obsessed?), I wasn’t too keen on attending initially. I must say, that I’m glad went because the show was phenomenal!

Ms. Knowles (or should I say Mrs. Carter) started the show about 40 minutes late (which was okay with me b/c I didn’t reach until 8:30), but it opened with a bang with the bootylicious vixen making an entrance on the sci-fi-themed stage dressed in a tight, gold number. Opening with a rendition of “Crazy In Love”, the show got underway with cheers and sing-a-longs from devoted fans.

I wish I had her personal trainer and choreographer because that girl can move (including a mind-boggling back bend to a guitar rif). It’s a wonder she can do all those amazing dance sequences in high heels, and still be able to sing without seemingly catching a breath (even with all that pre-recorded technology on set). That woman is talented.

My personal favourites of last night’s show was Beyoncé’s performance of “If I Were A Boy” and “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It”) (complete with a montage of YouTube amateur renditions and an SNL sketch). I loved the all-girl band musical solos (almost felt like I was at a Lenny Kravitz concert). Though, I was left a little puzzled by the whole Beyonce-aka-Sasha-Fierce-robot-turning-into-a-leopard segment… but I’ll let that slide because the rest of the show was so spectacular.

Beyoncé’s performance included a couple of Canadian covers including Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” and Alanis Morrissette’s “You Outta Know” (which I think she did a pretty damn good job covering). She showed off her vocal skills with Etta James’ “At Last” and by performing “Ava Maria”. We got to see some retro video as her performing as a child, and even hear a few snippets from some Destiny’s Child tracks. Great job by Beyoncé’s backup singers, The Mamas with an entertaining interlude (including eying Toronto actor/rapper Drake who had his face on the big screen… much to the cheers of the female audience members). The 4-male, 4-female dancers were fabulous. There was also a fantastic Michael Jackson homage of “Billy Jean” done by the guitarist of Beyonce’s all-girl band, and Beyonce made sure to also thank the King of Pop at the end of her show which closed out with “Halo”.

Beyoncé’s Toronto stop of her “I Am” tour truly proved how much of a talented entertainer she really is. She loves her fans and it shows (she even ended up making her way through the front of the crowd). Beyonce is definitely proven that she’s fierce.



I really didn’t expect Twitter to get as big as it has when I initially signed up almost a year and a half ago. I’ve only made 6 “tweets” since then and never really got the gist of this social networking gem. Of course now after seeing how fast it’s grown, I can understand how this social phenom has reeled people in.

So what is Twitter? Well if you’ve been living under a rock, Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service created by Jack Dorsey. Twitter asks this simple question: “What are you doing?” By responding with a 140 character limit text response (which can be sent from your cell phone, instant messaging or the web), users are able to connect to other people (followers) and basically let everyone know (or read all about) the mundane actions of their daily lives.

Sounds fun, huh? I didn’t realize that so many people were voyeurs in a sense, or enjoyed being exhibitionists (although I have been guilty of a few status updates on Facebook). Which brings me to this hilarious video my friend showed me on YouTube, from “Super News!” on (hilarious site… be sure to check it out). “Twouble with Twitters” pokes fun at all the Twitters out there and makes wonder if this is truly how our generation (e.g. the 20-somethings) communicates now: “By detached, bite-sized, yippity-yap”. And brings up a point: what ever happened to picking up the phone and calling your friends, instead of just randomly shouting what you’re doing into the “darkness” hoping that someone’s listening?

YouTube Preview Image

Hopefully I haven’t summoned the Fail Whale (then again, maybe that would be a good thing). That Twitter bird with it’s blank eyes and hypnotic voice is kind of freaky…