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Happy Halloween!


Jack-O-LanternAs usual, promised myself last Halloween that I’ll get started on my costume early enough so that I wouldn’t be rushing around at the last minute putting something together.  Did that happen? Of course not.  My procrastination came to the forefront again.

After Googling costume ideas yesterday, I came across an interesting one: Cat Burglar!  And it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.  I just went to the dollar store and picked up some ‘theif gear’ (binoculars, flashlight, toy tools), I already have black fitted clothing, I remembered picking up a free black toque from work last year, and I have a pair of black Nike sneakers.  The only thing missing was the cats.  Since I can’t trust my own cat to stay cooped up in a backpack for a couple of hours, I picked up a couple of life-sized Ty stuffed animals (Carlton Cards had buy one, get one 50% off).  So my entire Halloween costume ended up costing me less than $25 (the darn cats were the chunk of it… too bad I didn’t have a thrift store near me at the time… but they’re soooo soft!).

Be safe tonight and try to pace yourself with the candy. :)

Into the woods–To Brick Works Farmers’ Market


Brick Works Farmers’ Market - Organic Vegetables

This morning I woke up extra early and headed out with a friend of mine to Evergreen Brick Works Farmers’ Market.  I never heard of this place before this year, much less realized that Toronto had so much ‘greenery’ in the mid-town area.  Now I’m not much of an outdoorsy person, but seeing nature in Moore Park Ravine touched by the colourful paints of autumn gave me a change of heart.

Evergreen Brick Works - Nature

As for the actual Brick Works building which can be accessed through several trails in Toronto, the architecture seemed to be remarkably stuck in time.  It’s wonderful seeing a piece of Toronto in this nature.

Brick Works

We reached around 9:15am and it was already filled with people making their stops at all the different booths at the Farmer’s Market.  I picked up a nice, fresh baguette (delicious… I just ate a toasted slice with some garlic butter).  I was tempted to purchase some organic veggies and cheese, but I’m trying to watch my spending habits.  My friend bought some tasty apples and a dozen organic eggs.

Brick Works

The Farmers’ Market will be housed at Brick Works every Saturday until November 8th.

Canadians head to the polls


Fellow Canadians, make sure you reach a polling station today and vote in the 2008 Federal Election.  Polls are open until 9:30pm (EST) tonight.

And on a less serious note, check out these Election Kids, especially the adorable mini-Jack Layton (Clip from The Rick Mercer Report):

YouTube Preview Image