Season premieres and a moldy bagel

Had a less than appetizing lunch today at school.  I ordered a salami sandwich (on a bagel) with lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese and cucumber.  Looked delicious.  I got through the first half of it (even though the bagel didn’t seem as soft and chewy as I wanted it). I started to pick up the second half of the bagel, begin to take a bit out of it, only to notice a spot of mold on the bread! :(  Ewwwww…. I felt like I was going to upchuck my lunch right there.  While I processed what was probably halfway down my intestines, my housemate went back and got me a refund.  Let’s just say I won’t  be ordering anything there again.

After my moldy bagel experience, I headed home from school to get ready to watch my highly anticipated season premieres: Heroes and CSI: Miami.  Of course since I’m away from school and don’t have a PVR I had to flip between the two shows (hoping to fully watch them in their entirty later), mainly focussing on Heroes.  Then I realized that Prison Break was also airing in the same timeslot on Fox, so now I have to catch up on that as well (can you tell I watch too much TV?).

Anyways, the Heroes premiere was pretty good, but it left WAY more questions than answers after such a promising season finale.  Why was Nathan haunted by Linderman’s ‘ghost’?  Why was Mohinder dumb enough to inject himself with that power-inducing stuff (as much as I loved seeing him without his shirt on)? Why is there a chick who looks like Nikki who can freeze people with the force of liquid nitrogen?  Where is the REAL Nikki? What happened to Micah and Monica?  Where in the world is the Haitian?  How is it that Mrs. Petrelli Sylar’s biological mother? Why is Future Peter such a trouble-maker? Why did Hiro open that damn safe?

It was funny when Parkman thought he could read the turtle’s thoughts, and when Sylar commented on Claire’s question about him eating brains. :D  Can’t wait until next week!

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