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Season premieres and a moldy bagel


Had a less than appetizing lunch today at school.  I ordered a salami sandwich (on a bagel) with lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese and cucumber.  Looked delicious.  I got through the first half of it (even though the bagel didn’t seem as soft and chewy as I wanted it). I started to pick up the second half of the bagel, begin to take a bit out of it, only to notice a spot of mold on the bread! :(  Ewwwww…. I felt like I was going to upchuck my lunch right there.  While I processed what was probably halfway down my intestines, my housemate went back and got me a refund.  Let’s just say I won’t  be ordering anything there again.

After my moldy bagel experience, I headed home from school to get ready to watch my highly anticipated season premieres: Heroes and CSI: Miami.  Of course since I’m away from school and don’t have a PVR I had to flip between the two shows (hoping to fully watch them in their entirty later), mainly focussing on Heroes.  Then I realized that Prison Break was also airing in the same timeslot on Fox, so now I have to catch up on that as well (can you tell I watch too much TV?).

Anyways, the Heroes premiere was pretty good, but it left WAY more questions than answers after such a promising season finale.  Why was Nathan haunted by Linderman’s ‘ghost’?  Why was Mohinder dumb enough to inject himself with that power-inducing stuff (as much as I loved seeing him without his shirt on)? Why is there a chick who looks like Nikki who can freeze people with the force of liquid nitrogen?  Where is the REAL Nikki? What happened to Micah and Monica?  Where in the world is the Haitian?  How is it that Mrs. Petrelli Sylar’s biological mother? Why is Future Peter such a trouble-maker? Why did Hiro open that damn safe?

It was funny when Parkman thought he could read the turtle’s thoughts, and when Sylar commented on Claire’s question about him eating brains. :D  Can’t wait until next week!

Okay… Who’s brave enough to mess with this kid?


I was watching Ellen the other day and noticed her interviewing this adorable little boy.  So I decided to keep it on the channel and see what amazing feat that this child could accomplish (since is usually the case when children are on daytime talk shows).  It turns out Wayne “Pretty Boy Bam Bam” Lawrence is a boxer.  A damn good one, in fact.  I wish I had that kid’s stamina and technique when it comes to my muay Thai. :D  Check out this clip from Ellen:

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a link to his official site which also has a listing of all his videos on YouTube:

There’s nothing like finding out you saved a chunk of cash!


While I was searching online for some type of adaptor that can allow me to hook up a coaxial cable to my new laptop, I noticed that the laptop I bought a couple weeks ago was on sale for $999.  I initially thought I had left my reciept for my laptop at home back in Toronto, but this morning I took a look in my wallet and saw it in one of the side pockets!  Happy that I’ll end up saving $150, I headed to the local Kingston Future Shop.

Now I was a bit worried about trying to take advantage of Future Shop’s price guarantee since technically I was on the 15th day of my laptop purchase, but it wasn’t a problem when the associate rang in the transaction. :)

Here comes the good part:  turns out my HP Pavilion laptop was actually cheaper in-store than it was on the website! It was coming up as $899.  That means I saved $250 off my original purchase price.  Not too bad, for a pretty cool laptop. :)  After seeing the good news on my receipt, I went to some of the surrounding shops and spent more money I didn’t have (I got the laptop on credit :P ).  I did purchase a really cute LeSportsac bag at Winners and some more supplies for school from Staples. :)

Oh, and if anyone knows where I can purchase an adaptor for DVI/HDMI to coaxial cable (or if such a thing exists) so that I can record my soap operas on my computer at home while I’m in class, please let me know. :D

I ate an alligator today… what an eventful first week of school


Tonight a group of us from the Bachelor of Education program here at Queen’s met up for dinner at The Grizzly Grill.  I was famished since I hadn’t ate anything since noon, and it was almost 8pm.  Looking at the diverse menu I was stuck as what I would get as an appetizer (I decided on an Alberta Prime Rib for my main course, since I just got on the medium-rare train).  Initially I was going to order the crab & spinach dip.  But once our waitress came around I thought to myself, why not try something different?  So at the last minute I ordered the Louisiana Alligator (spicy, grilled skewer with Cajun aïoli and tomato corn salsa).

I have to say… alligator isn’t that bad.  It looked like chicken, but tasted more like a miraculous combination of pork and chicken.  Looks tender to the eyes (was probably due to whatever animal the alligator ate :P), but has a chewy texture… a bit like beef .  An interesting experience and I’m glad I took a chance and tried something different, because it was rather tasty.  But it’s not like I’ll be ordering this every time I go out… I’ll rather stick with my ‘normal’ meats of chicken, pork, beef and fish. :D

The dinner was a positive mark to the official day one of classes.  Got to meet some new people, which is always a plus.  I’m going to have to get used to the actual class structure though, since last week was so busy.  “Welcome Week” comprised of orientation classes, workshops and presentations.  Then after the ‘school day’ we would attend nightly activites including a BBQ, wine & cheese night,  boat cruise of the Thousand Islands, and visiting a local pub.  I’m glad the early mornings and late nights are over though, so now I can start getting into a proper routine.

Today’s classes were interesting:  a couple of lectures (that I tried to stay awake for, even though I started classes at 11am), and my technological studies curriculum class.  The tech class was so much fun!  We had to design a couple of small frames/structures from wooden sticks, so we got to work with saws, glue, scissors, rulers, clamps, and sand paper… felt like I was in grade nine shop class again (well, actually that’s what the project was for: a typical grade nine project that we would eventually teach in the future)!  Ah… there’s nothing like peeling dried, white glue off your hands. :P

Kingston, so far is pretty nice.  The buses on the other hand could run more frequently, but I think I’m getting used to it.  Four more weeks and I’m back in Toronto for my practicum. :D