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Basketball is a Dangerous Sport


I never would have thought that when I signed up to play in an social basketball leauge that I would have sustained so many injuries. I think I got more injuries playing basketball than I have in muay Thai Kickboxing!

Our team had a game tonight… pretty close score. As I go up for the defensive rebound I see this girl’s arm swing into my face. I went down to the floor in pain and the first thing I thought about was if my work benefits package covered cosmetic dentistry! I got hit in the nose/mouth with this chick’s forearm… man, did it hurt. I though my teeth were knocked out, but it only ended up being a busted lip and a bleeding nose. At least my opponent apologized after.

Sure was a lot of blood though.  The school attendant went missing so we couldn’t get an ice-bag or gauze, so one of my teammates was nice enough to grab some snow from outside and put in a plastic bag so that I can use to stop the swelling :) .  It’s feeling a tad better now, but the lip’s still swollen.  I would post a pic, but don’t want to scare any of you… :D

Damn, chicks can be rough. I think I’ll take up organized curling.

I’m going on a cruise!


Carnival Valor - courtesy of carnival.comThat’s right… after almost 8 years of not having a “real” vacation, I’m actually going to leave the country (bargain shopping in Buffalo and Pennsylvania doesn’t count :P ). I booked a 7-day Caribbean cruise with a friend of mine today and in just 2 short months we’ll be flying down to Miami and setting sail to the Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten.After much research we booked with Carnival Cruiselines. I haven’t been on a cruise before so I figured that the most economical choice would be sufficient for now. After I get hooked on cruising I’ll splurge! I’m so excited… I’m in dire need of a vacation and hope that this one will be worth it.

If anyone has any cruising tips just let me know… ;)

Tokio Hotel is Kinda Cool…


Tokio HotelI got a chance to interview Tokio Hotel today. Let me tell you for a pop/rock band they are the most adorable things I’ve ever seen! :D They almost look like life-sized anime characters with a German twist. I wanted to take the lead vocal singer (Bill Kaulitz) back with me (I think it was the cool eye make-up and crazy hair). We had an interpreter there, so I was asking questions (in English of course) and they were replying back in German, and I tried to look like I was remotely understanding what they were staying (there were English phrases here and there). Makes me kind of want to pick up a German phrase book right now…

Visit Tokio Hotel’s official site to check out the band and their music. Their shows in Canada have been crazy so far. The music’s not bad if I do say so myself. I’m feelin’ “Ready, Set, Go”. When the interview gets posted I’ll make sure to edit this post with the update.

UPDATE: Yeah, yeah I know all you Tokio Hotel fans are eager to see them in the interview, but I promise, the interview WILL be up before the release date in Canada (March 25th)… lol (our editor is swamped with work… but trust me, I remind him every day, don’t worry!) :)

UPDATE #2: Yay! It’s FINALY up! My apologies again… but honestly it wasn’t my fault. :D I think the editor just had a lot on his plate and putting the audio together w/ the interpretor’s track was kinda tricky. I look like a slob, so forgive me… this was last minute. At least the guys look good! :D

Tokio Hotel interview with (if it’s archived visit the ‘footage’ section and click on “Tokio Hotel”).

Holiday Baking (Yeah, I know I’m two months late…)


I totally forgot to post some of the pics I took of all the goodies I baked over Christmas. Oh, well… better late then never!

Peppermint Swirl Cookies

Peppermint Swirl Cookies – One of the recipes I got from a holiday issue of Canadian Living. These came out really well.

Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies – These were so yummy! Melt in your mouth!

Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake – This was my first time making this type of cake from scratch… I didn’t realizes it would be so easy!

Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle – My mom loved these… Got the recipe off