Black Women Can Jump

Today made me really think about how in shape I was back in high school.

I joined a women’s social basketball league and today was our team’s first game. We won! I must admit I played pretty well for being out of the basketball loop for 6 years, but I think I’ll get my old handle back on the ball again soon. Sure after every 10 minutes of straight play I felt my heart palpitating and like I was gonna throw up (I really should’ve ate dinner before playing after work), but at least I got my workout for the day! :) Thank goodness it’s half-court basketball.

Geez… I wonder how my body would’ve reacted from the cardio shock of active basketball if I hadn’t been doing my Turbo Jam and Hip Hop Abs for the past month!

I played a pretty good game… got about 5 baskets, 4 steals and a bunch of rebounds. I guess my long limbs are good for something!

I think I have to think twice about putting in a new weave though, and forget about wearing my ‘fro, because all that sweat just sweated out all the work I did with my hot comb the night before…

What do you think?

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