My First Hip Hop Abs Workout

My Hip Hop Abs package that I ordered from BeachBody a couple weeks ago, finally got delivered last Tuesday.  I figured I’d “officially” start the my routine today, since it’s a holiday (and I wanted to pig out on ‘bad’ food over the weekend).

I just got through the “Fat Burning Cardio” routine, and I honestly think that if I keep up with the included workout plan every day (using Sunday as a rest day), I think that I can lose some serious poundage in the next couple of months.  The first routine was definitely fun. There’s even some moves that would work well the next time I head out to a club. ;)  The moves are easy to pick up, and Shaun T has the “Secret to Flat Abs” section of his DVD that will help beginners learn the moves to maximize the results.

I’m going to try and stop make excuses for not working out daily… after all, the first routine was only 30 minutes.  I followed that today with a stairclimbing up and down several floors of my apartment.  Trust me… I felt the burn.  Hopefully my metabolism picks up.

I’m gonna go make myself a mango smoothie with some protein powder now, and think about what I’m going to eat for dinner.  KFC is definitely out of the question.

3 Responses to “My First Hip Hop Abs Workout”

  1. Anjalina says:

    Hey! love your blog i was at work and heard the hip hop abs workout on tv and decided to look it up and found your entry and i love your writing. Though i was wondering you said you were going to put protein powder in your mango smoothie..(hopefully you can make an entry out of this) anyways… wouldnt adding protein make you gain weight. i bought some protein powder once and my mom said it would make me gain.. i know she might not knwo but c’mon right she’s my mom. is it like a meal replacement?

  2. Monique says:

    Hey Anjalina!

    Glad you like my blog! :) I always try to drink a protein shake after a hard workout (e.g. after I do muay thai kickboxing). I usually just buy smoothies with protein boosters from Booster Juice (, or if I’m working out at home I make my own just by adding a small amount of whey protein to my fruit smoothies. It’s really important that you get protein in some shape or form right after a strenuous workout, because your body will need the fuel to repair itself.

    Protein will not necessarily make you gain weight. It actually promotes the growth and repair of muscle, and if you have more muscle you’ll burn a lot more calories when you work out (thus, reducing fat). The extra weight in this case may in fact be the muscle you’ll be building up.

    They have meal replacements that have high protein content such as Ensure or Boost. A large shake usually fills me up for a couple of hours, so I guess it could act as a meal replacement in that sense (if you stick with a proper 6 meals a day diet–3 small meals and 3 snacks throughout the day).

  3. Anjalina says:

    Thanks! i really appreciated that you got back to me. :)

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