I Caved and Bought Hip Hop Abs

So last night (or rather, this morning at 3am), I did something I swore I wouldn’t do until I got my budget in order: I ordered something online. I know, I know… I need to have self-control when it comes to shopping, but this will be worth it in the long run!

My purchase of Hip Hop Abs was sparked by the fact that I realized I had gained another five pounds, contrary to the fact that I’ve been avidly looking at the labels of all the food products I buy to make sure that the calorie factor is low. I realized that this is not enough, and that I have to stop eating those big, super-late dinners and stop skipping breakfast. Six small meals a day, an active workout, and proper diet will need to be my new plan if I want to tone up and slim down.

I’ve used Turbo Jam actively before. I was religiously following a set regimen for about 3-4 weeks and I noticed that I did lose 5-8lbs. But, alas I abruptly stopped b/c I found I was too tired to work out after I got home from a long day at work. Also adding to the fact that I stopped was that I was noticing my clothes fitting a bit better, and people close to me actually noticed that I looked thinner. In reality the numbers on the scale were going up.

Where is all this weight going?!?! I remember when I was at the doctor’s office earlier this year for my annual physical, the nurse weighed me. Prior to setting foot on the scale I informed her of my timidness b/c the last time I checked I was 180lbs. She’s like, “Nooo! That can’t be right, you don’t look more than 140”. Needless to say, she was shocked when she had to keep tipping the weight on the scale to the right to balance it out. LOL… even my doctor didn’t believe me when I told him how much I weighed (the last time he weighed me, I was around 155). Bah… I guess it could be all muscle. (wishful thinking :D)

Back to my Hip Hop Abs impulse buy: It cost me three easy payments of $19.99 (thank goodness, because I don’t think I would want my credit card to go over the limit again this month :D ) I even got 10% for using an online coupon. It comes with 4 routines, an extra DVD bonus and a bunch of little extras (nutrition guides and such). I cracked and got the advance DVD’s as well, because I didn’t want to pay shipping again, and they were offering them at 50% off. Yeah, I know that I probably could’ve saved my money and got a bootleg version, but I’m not the pirating type… ;) The infomercial seems kinda typical, but if the routines are followed closely it actually shows results. Just take a look at Rob’s results from doing Turbo Jam. If you’re in the Toronto-area, take some of his Turbo Jam classes… they’re so much fun, and a great workout! I really need to start going to them again.

I’ll keep my eye on the mailbox for my Hip Hop Abs DVDs. I can’t wait to try out the routines! I had some success with Chalene’s Turbo Jam, so with Shaun T’s DVDs, hopefully I can get great results, especially since it’s done to “Hip Hop”. My dancing days may not be over yet! :D

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30 Responses to “I Caved and Bought Hip Hop Abs”

  1. Lyndsey says:

    You have to let me know how this is! I so want to try it! Ive been so tempted by their infomercials myself!

  2. nadeen says:

    I WANT IT! I’de be so happy if i got the dvd.

  3. Laura says:

    I have been so tempted to by this so many times now but i am rather skeptical about the results – let me know how it goes for you!!!

  4. RV says:

    Please tell me how useful this workout was I am about to purchase it myself. THanks I appreciate any feedback.

  5. ashley says:

    hey just wondering, i just purchased this HHA! and my only question is do you do all of these work out’s in one day or do you do seperate your work outs? thanks :)

  6. candace says:

    Hey I caved and did the same yesterday. email me and let me know what you think. cag@g2gm.com

  7. Monique says:

    For all you wondering about Hip Hop Abs, check out my post Turbo Jam Vs. Hip Hop Abs for more details on both exercise workouts: http://alotaboutnothing.com/2008/04/turbo-jam-vs-hip-hop-abs

  8. melisa says:

    Hey just thought i would but in my two cents as a regular user of hip hop abs! Shawn T says its awmazing because it is! Im a new mom and let me tell u having a baby dose a number on ones body and doing hip hop abs for 2 months i lost 35 pound and 6 inces off my body! I did notice ho u have to stay true to it and do it every day or u wont get the best results!

  9. kristen sellers says:

    I have had hip hop abs for 9 months now.. and i have lost 83 pounds to date… i love it… and re-energizes me. even when im dead and i just do a light work out i still get way into it… i love this damn dvd :)

  10. Kelly says:

    I got my hip hop abs yesterday, and as of today. I have already seen results. I lost two inches in my arms, 1 in my waist, 2 in my hips and 2 inches in each thigh. I HIGHLY recommend it!! I am amazed at how well it works and It is fun!!

  11. Al says:

    It is the best thing ever – I saw results within the first week. It is amazing. Highly recommend it.

  12. Mandi says:

    Hi there! Well i did the EXACT same thing and did an impulse buy online, the shopping network..which i love! And i lost 2 inches off my waist within like 2 weeks. I was doing the work outs every evening, and now with eating somewhat right, i have slowed down to 3 X a week, which should be more, but with a 2 year old, im lucky to do it at all! But anyway, i LOVE the dvds, i stick to 2 workouts that i like best (ab scublt, and cardio) and try to not eat after 6pm…which im a sucker for!
    Good luck hope you enjoy the DVDs when you get them!

  13. Cherry T. says:

    Questions for you people…im trying to follow the schedule of Shaun T spread out for 30 days. My question is what routine will you follow after the 30 days? Are you going back to Day 1 lesson? Or what?

  14. Nishna says:

    i did like hip hop abs at all ……no results ….but turbo jam , turbo jam is a great work out i saw results right away …i was in ohh…still am

  15. jo says:

    With the holidays to an end, I def need to start up the work out regiment again. My cousin got me hip hop abs for Christmas and was just looking online for reviews. Glad to see that there are good ones out there.

    Question #1: Do you have to do it every day to see results? When you’re just starting out again, don’t you have to take a day or two in between work outs so your body doesn’t work itself out?

    Question #2: I work during the day (8am-4pm) so I dont have time to work out in the morning before going and when I get home I usually make dinner and try to eat before 7pm. But with working out, do you eat before OR after the work out?


  16. Simone says:

    I have had hip hop jams for awhile but haven’t been working out much. In November 2008 I worked out for the last 2 weeks of the month and had result . I had 6 meals a day and worked out in the morning getting up for 4:30am . I was only doing the 20 min work out and saw results so imagine if I was doing it according to the schedule they gave it would be amazing. I know we have all heard this before but you have so much energy when you workout in the morning and your last meal is before 7pm it makes a big diffrence you’ll see

  17. Sandra says:

    I bought hip hop abs and have been using it religiously for just over two weeks and have to say I love it. I hate going to the gym and getting on a treadmill because my mind is focused on working out but when I’m using hip hop abs I’m having fun while i’m doing it so I stay motivated longer. I purchased the product from http://www.shoptvcanada.com and recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight.

  18. Carrie Boo says:

    Don’t get too focused on ABS only. This DVD basically tries to make exercise fun for you. Exercise equals weight reduction. Nothing magical here; just common sense, which by definition is not common.

  19. Kim C. says:

    hi everyone! my husband actually bought me hip hop abs over a year and a half ago while i was still pregnant. i was so depressed watching my waistline disappear and putting on 50 lbs that he bought me the series to boost my spirits, said i’d be his sexy woman again in no time. well, i attempted to use it at 6 weeks postpardum and could not! this workout was much too intense. i have just begun this week (baby’s 17 mths old now LOL) and i am motivated, focused, driven all of that good stuff! i will keep everyone posted. im on my 3rd day and the results are amazing. my muscles hurt! can’t complain about that, huh?
    -Kim from Atlanta, GA

  20. Tracy says:

    I’ve been an avid fitness freak for about 20 years now (41 at present). I’ve tried every at-home workout video and dvd that you can name, and this is the first one that, after completing the included calendar, made a major difference in my belly area. My obliques and rectus abdomonus gained a noticeable tone and solidity. My only issue now, is that I’ve gone through it twice now and am getting bored with the same two dvd’s (four workouts).

    When will Beach Body release a second series of Hip-HOp abs????

  21. Kim C. says:

    they had released a second series -level 2 is available right now & level 3 is in the making

    im going to take my sweet time getting to level 2. completed 3 weeks now skipping one to two days a week, muscles hurt and are tightening up. havent weighed myself for weight results b/c im waiting to begin that at the 6 wk completion. it’s a great workout!
    -Kim from Atlanta, GA

  22. Nina says:

    All i have to say is , i`m impressed. Hip Hop abs does really work & beside the fact that your muscles hurt after is just worth it.
    after doing it for only 2 days i lost a total of 10 lbs !
    amazingg huh ?
    just keep focus & stick to it everyday , trust me you`ll get the bodyy you have always wanted.

  23. maxine says:

    i didn’t buy any i just downloaded in via bittorrent LOL

  24. Alisha says:

    Hey guys i just got the hip hop abs Cd’s from my sister ..
    and just finished doin the first work out . it relli got me goin . :)
    But theirs one problem i forgot to pick up the nutrition guides ..
    do u think ill be able to see results with out them ?

    from toronto, canada

  25. Vii says:

    Hello to all you hip hop abs lovers! Just to let you know, Shaun T also has Rockin Body! I’m in my 3rd week now and it’s just amazing! Love the music and the energy! I give it a big 10/10! SO if you like doing hip hop abs, you’ll defenetly love ROckin Body! :-)

    Montreal, Quebec

  26. Joanne says:

    Any movement is good movement but to really step it up can be fun. Hip hop abs is like learning how to dance and have fun. I love it!

  27. _kisses_ says:

    I’m addicted to the routines and it’s something I look forward to every waking day! This is the first time I considered working out. I tried the gym..jogging..etc..but for some reason I wasn’t motivated to do any of them. It was such a chore! So when my sister did Insanity, she said Shaun T has another dvd called HIP HOP ABS. It’s been almost two months and I still enjoy the routine (especially the Total Body Burn). :)

    Besides the work out though, we still need to have a good diet :) Combining HIP HOP ABS + good diet..my abs are much more visible and everything else is tight. I see definition on my arms as well. I just feel good altogether!

    Have fun!!

  28. Kayla Badillo says:


    I am 15 years old & weigh 168.2 lbs. I have completed the 1st week of Hip Hop Abs. Honestly, I absolutely LOVE it. It’s a great workout, you sweat like crazy & you feel good after (& are very sore the next day). I want to get to 145 lbs. Can anyone try to help me reach this goal? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. If you’d like, send me an email. Thank you & stay motivated!

    Email: kaylabadillo@att.net

  29. Monique says:

    Hey Kayla,
    Congrats on your new healthy journey and your positive motivation! Shaun T’s workouts are great if you get into a routine of doing them (when I get the guts, I’ll maybe try Insanity… lol). I just recently lost 10 lbs in a month by doing another workout DVD and changing my eating habits. I’ll post details of it in a future post soon!

  30. Trina D says:

    I purchased my hip-hop abs 5yrs ago. Used it once and put it away. I’m an infomercial nut and hip-hop abs infomercial kept coming on. I finally pulled the dvds back out and now I’m hooked because now I’m more motivated. I’m 51 and on my 3rd month. My brother is a personal trainer and instead of using him I wanted to accomplish this on my own. I am seeing more definition in my abs, my back and glutes. I did consult with him on not losing so many pounds after working out so much and he said this is the time when most people quit. It took time to put the weight on, so you’re going to have to push through the time to take it off. The faster it comes off sometimes the faster to put it back on. I’m still encouraged and pushing to the end. Started at 179, now at 167. Keep pushing through! !!

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