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Canada Day Events – Toronto


Tomorrow this great nation of Canada turns the ripe old age of 140. Still don’t have plans for tomorrow’s 20-degree weather? Well, here’s a list of some places to go:

CHIN International Picnic
This annual event continues all weekend until July 2nd. Sunday will have some great festivities including a veal-eating contest (too bad I’m on a diet), Mr. Chin Binkini event (maybe I should make my way down there….), and a karaoke contest. The evening ends with the Festival of Fire.
Exhibition Place Grounds

Rock The Park
Downsview Park plays host to this event, featuring 54-40, Faber Drive and more. There’ll also be a petting zoo, video games, face-painting and rock-climbing.
Keele St. & Sheppard Ave. West

Art in the Park
Free family activites such as kite-making and designing in Grange Park from 12 noon to 4pm.
317 Dundas St. West

Multicultural Canada Day Festival
Yonge and Dundas Square is the location of this free event that will showcase many ethnically diverse dance groups and attendees will enjoy visual and performing arts, crafts, and especially cultural food.
Yonge/Dundas Square

You can catch some great firework displays at:
Ashbridges Bay Park -9:45pm
Canada’s Wonderland – 10pm
Ontario Place (Festival of Fire). – 10:30pm

Apple’s iPhone Release: The Time Is Near


iPhone - Photo Credit:

Ever since Steve Jobs’ Macworld Keynote back in January, tech-savvy (and band-wagoners) have been itching to get their hands on the much-awaited iPhone: Apple’s device that’s an iPod, a phone, an Internet mobile communicator in one. This sure is one sexy phone.

Now, unless you have been living under a rock, there is a feeding frenzy that will occur in less than 24 hours. A mass techsteria like the world has never seen. Starting tomorrow at 6pm, Americans who have been camping outside Apple and AT&T stores since the beginning of the week will be able to purchase the iPhone. I can’t even image the hysteria that will ensue. And I thought Boxing Day was bad. I’ll be on the lookout for ‘brawls break out in iPhone lineup’ stories in the news tomorrow. Check out this listing on Craigslist for a “line-waiter” position. And another one asking for help. Wow… this is just a few of many similar listings. People are willing to ask for and even willing to pay up to the price of an iPhone ($500) just for a spot in line.

Will I purchase one when it comes to Canada through Rogers Wireless? Probably not at first. I just bought a Nokia 6265i from Telus last week (they offered me an amazing monthly plan, and all I had to do was sign 2 years of my life away to get the phone for $49.99), so the iPhone would probably have to wait until after that (or until I find an extra $500 lying around). Hell… I don’t even have an iPod yet.

The iPhone does look amazing though. I think it will live up to the hype (unless escalating complaints about AT&T’s network arise). The most intriguing feature I’m looking forward to though is the multi-touch display (I hope they’ll give away free screen wipes). For a quick rundown on those still wondering what the iPhone is, here’s a quick rundown from

iPhone introduces an entirely new user interface based on a revolutionary multi-touch display and pioneering new software that allows users to control iPhone with just a tap, flick or pinch of their fingers. iPhone combines three products into one small and lightweight handheld device—a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod®, and the Internet in your pocket with best-ever applications on a mobile phone for email, web browsing and maps. iPhone ushers in an era of software power and sophistication never before seen in a mobile device, which completely redefines what users can do on their mobile phones.

If you want more in depth coverage on the features of the iPhone, check out the Apple site. I also really like that “slide to unlock” feature. You don’t know how many times my old cell phone took pictures of the inside of my bag…

Personally, I think the iPhone is going to transform the mobile telephone industry, the same way the iPod affected the record industry. It sucks that now I probably can’t watch an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation without critiquing a technological device and saying “the iPhone is so much better than that”. ;)

To cheer up all the people who cannot purchase an iPhone because they don’t live in the U.S., or would rather use the $500 for more constructive means, here’s a funny sketch from MadTV that pokes fun at Steve Jobs’ Apple technology (along with obvious U.S. political satire):

YouTube Preview Image

The Case of the $54 Million Pants Rejected


Well it seems as though Roy L. Pearson is the new poster-child for legal abuse. I’m sure most of you have heard this ridiculous story in the news recently. Pearson, an administrative law judge (yes… a judge making a frivolous claim such as this), had his lawsuit rejected Monday after claiming a “satisfaction guaranteed” sign in Custom Cleaners (owned Soo Chung), broke promises.

Pearson had originally asked the cleaners to pay $1150US after they misplaced a pair of pants he brought in for a simple alteration back in 2005. Funny enough, a few days later he refused to accept that the pair of pants from the Chung family when they found them, claiming they weren’t his.

So, being the smart person that he is, he charged about $1500 for every day the “satisfaction guaranteed” sign was displayed at Custom Cleaners. Multiply that by four years and each defendant you get… well, a lot of money. Let’s not forget the $15,000 he needed to use to rent a car in order to take his clothes to another cleaners.

Now originally, Pearson sought about $67 million from the Chung family, but he reduced it to $54 million (how thoughtful of him). Now he probably has to fork over thousands to pay the Chung’s legal fees… I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to go for an appeal (or loses his job).

This is worse than when those people were suing McDonald’s for making them ‘fat’. It really disgusts me to see how many people are abusing the legal system. Money makes the world go ’round…

Home Hardware Deals


Okay… I shouldn’t be spending the majority of my days shopping at the mall. I must say that Bailey’s Home Hardware is one of my new favourite stores, even though they’ve been around for years (I thought they only sold, well… hardware, like tools and crap). Located in the semi-ghetto Parkway Mall in Scarborough (I say semi-ghetto b/c they’re undergoing renovations), this Home Hardware store is filled with great deals. Most of the stuff on sale you won’t find advertised in the flyer or on the website.

Last time I was there, I picked up the 80s and 90s deluxe version of Trivial Pursuit for $14.99 and $19.99 repectively… normally these games go for over $50. Today I passed by and added the game Identity Crisis to my collection ($7.99, reg. $29.99), and some high-end Oil of Olay lotion which is normally $15 in the drugstore for $4.99 (I picked up two!). And one of the deals of the day has got to be a 50g pack of Ricola cough drops for 0.39 freakin’ cents! Do you know how expensive cough drops can be?!

Did I mention I got one of those roll up pianos for $19.99 a while ago?! I saved at least $50! (yes, I know I’m lame :D )

Now I just need to remember those piano lessons I took when I was younger…

Korean Grill House


Korean Grill House

My belly is stuffed. I really need to cut down on the amount of all-you-can-eat restaurants I go to. I just came back from Korean Grill House at Yonge & Bloor (they have three other locations in Toronto: Queen & University, Hwy 7 & Leslie, Midland & Finch, and the new Yonge and Dundas location).

If you aren’t familiar with the Korean BBQ deal let me fill you in: For as low as $8.99 (lunch & night-owl specials) you can have raw meat served to you and you can cook it yourself on a gas-powered grill that is equipped at each table. Yeah, I know… it doesn’t sound too temping. Why would you have to pay to cook my own food, you ask? It’s all about fun: Laughing at your friends char-broiling their beef to a crisp, or making sure you date doesn’t get food poisoning (okay, you have no one to blame but yourself here… ). All the meat is thinly sliced so that it’ll cook quicker and prevent you from ‘accidently’ poisoning yourself by undercooking.

The service (at least at the Yonge and Bloor location) is excellent. The staff were very quick to refill our orders of meat and sides, and my water glass was never empty. $8.99 will get you a soup to start, rice and a decent meal of pre-seasoned pork, beef, chicken, squid and fish fillet. I recommend not overcooking the squid and fish, since they may tend to get tough fairly quickly. You also get a nice selection of sides: kimchee, tofu, bean sprouts, spicy bean sprouts, and pickled Radish (my favourite!). If you want a bit more of a selection, you can get ox tongue, ox liver, salmon, and beef ribs along with the above items for $12.99.

The Meat

They also have regular dishes to go along with their AYCE menu, such as salads, soups and bibm bahb (check out the selection of cooked cuisine on their à la carte menu on their website). I tried their spring rolls, and they were tasty, but small (about the size of my little finger… and I have long fingers!). I also need to mention their free refill policy on fountain drinks which is great… I’ve never seen free refills on Nestea’s ice tea before!

Aesthetically speaking: The Yonge and Bloor location has a very modern decor… very spacious and bright. The food will leave you feeling full. So if you carnivores are in the area of a Korean Grill House, and are feeling rather famished and only have $15 to your name, make sure you stop in and play with your food.